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Your website design reflects on the quality of your companies work

I often hear people discussing their website, and they know they need a new one – but some don’t feel like it matters whether their website is modern and professional. “No one really care about our website”, they say – our customers don’t really find us online. Well – isn’t that a giant liability?!

Referral and mouth to mouth work is great – but what happens when people get even more accustomed to researching and finding companies to work with online?

The only thing is – this future is already here. Alongside doing great work and having amazing customer service, having an easy to use and easy to find website is growing in importance every day. How many customers are you missing out on because they can’t find you, or they can’t tell what you do that’s different from your competitors?

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It’s not just about having a great website – you need traffic too.


We’ve found that helping companies just create a nice website doesn’t necessarily make them money. We know that you need website traffic too – that’s why we always ask about what your strategy will be to drive traffic to your website when it’s launched. If you don’t have a strategy we’ll help by suggesting options we’ve discovered in the past 6 years doing web marketing.

We love helping businesses get a website that they are proud of. In the end though, we also want to help you make that website as effective as possible, and I do not work with companies we don’t feel like we can help make their project profitable for their business. If you feel we could help your company become more profitable with a completely custom WordPress website built specifically for your business needs – contact us now.

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Questions and Answers about St Paul Web Design

We work with companies small and large! We’ve worked with an allergist, several 3 person Real Estate teams, on up to the Mall of America, Maurices clothing store, Iowa Clinic and Tria Orthopaedic clinic.

We believe creating trust is the number one thing. You need to have a representation of the visual things that will help people trust you. Whether that be testimonials, trade organizations, clients and case studies, or just photos of your team, clear contact information and a compelling value proposition, clearly stated with call-to-action buttons.

A website can cost as low as 2k (for a non-professional using Squarespace or a WordPress theme) and up to 100k+ (for bigger marketing agencies) – but we tend to work with companies that have budgets for 10k+ up to 30k, and yearly budgets for our recurring clients of 20k+ up to 100k. We work with companies that stand to make significant money from telling their story well, and understand that this all-important aspect of their marketing is important.

If you understand that doing your marketing well can create significant value for you and your company, start the conversation now!

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