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With more customers than ever looking to buy solar panels for their home or business, the benefit of having a lead generating website is at its highest point. The solar industry is relatively competitive, with more providers looking to take advantage of the growing number of customers. With revenues from a single sale often being many thousands of dollars, it’s clear that every lead is incredibly valuable.

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Solar Web Design 

Having a website is critical to bring in leads these days. People no longer look through the Yellow Pages or ask their friends for a recommendation. Instead, they turn to search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

If you don’t have a website, then it’s impossible for you to be found.

Your website should be treated the same way as the front of your store, it acts as a representation of your company and should give visitors a great first impression. We focus our solar web design around two principles; beauty and lead generation. Message us today and let’s start discussing how we can build a website that brings in more leads this year.

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Solar SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is how we get your pages to rank at the top of the Google search engine results pages. When people search phrases like “solar company” you want to appear at the top, right? That way you can bring in more traffic, educate them on the products and services that you offer and convert them into paying customers.

To rank at the top of the page for these queries, we need to improve both your on-page and off-page SEO. On-page SEO is the structure and format of your website, while off-page SEO is the signals from other sites that point to your pages.

Our website and SEO experience can be invaluable to you and your business. By contacting us and allowing us to assist you, we’re confident you’ll see an increase in traffic which will translate to more customers and better profits.

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Solar Marketing

One of the most common mistakes that small businesses make is investing in an incredible website and then not dedicating any time or money to marketing that site. Your website is a vehicle, but without a big marketing push, it’s relatively useless.

Marketing a website has two primary benefits; to bring in targeted traffic that will convert and to build links so that your site ranks higher in Google and other search engines.

Revenue is king. The goal of your website is to bring in more paying customers so that you’re earning more at the end of the year than you were at the start. When we market your website, we ensure that our efforts don’t just bring in visitors, but that they bring in targeted traffic that is ready to convert into paying customers for your business.

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Questions and Answers about Solar Web Design & SEO

A web presence has become a requirement in this day and age for any company that wants to grow its revenue. It’s impossible to reach the number of customers that the internet can offer, in any other way.

Before buying from a solar company, most customers will want to research the products and services that are available. With solar being such a modern industry most of that information is only available online, and that means that they are searching in Google for answers.

With your potential customers already online, it’s likely that a website is one of the best ways to reach them.

It’s essential to create a beautiful website because this can help to entice visitors into exploring the solar options that you have available. Not only that but in general we are more trusting of sites that appear to more professional.

We will ensure that your website is designed to optimize lead generation. We want you to bring in more leads, convert more customers and therefore see a positive return-on-investment from working with us.

Although many solar business owners have some technical expertise, it’s likely that you don’t want to spend your time messing around with code and trying to update the website. To prevent that many of our sites are designed using WordPress.

It’s almost impossible to estimate the cost of SEO because it’s hugely dependent on the competitiveness of the keywords that you target. If the keywords are easy to rank for then, the price might be low, but if they are competitive, it might cost much more.

We can usually complete websites within a couple months, but this will depend on the functionality that you want to implement and the workload that we currently have. Please contact us ASAP if you have a tight deadline.

WordPress is incredibly simple to use, and that makes it ideal for our customers who usually don’t have technical expertise.

WordPress is a fantastic Content Management System (CMS) that is intuitive. It will allow you to make changes to your website and to add content in the form of pages, blog posts or news items.

This means that rather than having to pay a programmer to add the content, you can do it in-house for free.

We can’t promise that a website will bring in more customers, but research has shown that companies with sites grow much quicker.

In marketing a website, we look at relevant publications, industry blogs, and creative partnerships. Each of these gives you the opportunity to put your brand in front of customers who are already interested in solar.

The auxiliary benefit to this marketing is that we can secure links pointing back to your website from another site. Google treats links as votes of confidence and uses these links as a ranking factor to decide how high you should appear in the results pages.

By acquiring more links to your pages, we can improve your rankings and therefore bring in extremely targeted traffic. Imagine how much extra revenue you could generate by ranking #1 for a keyword like “best solar panels” which thousands of people search each month.

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