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If you are a solar company looking for solar PPC, then you’ve come to the right place. We know how to get serious results for your business.

  • We find the best keywords to give you success.
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It can be tough when you have a business that provides a top notch quality product or service but gets beat out by the competition even though they don’t have the quality and craftsmanship that your company does.

This is where using PPC services can come to the rescue. When you decide to use PPC ads, you will instantly show up ahead of them in the search engine results pages which gives you a better chance of being seen and chosen ahead of them to give your company more business than ever before.

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When you decide to add PPC into your marketing strategy, you get many benefits that come from it. You will get new clients and generate more leads, and lets you track it all through analytics to see how your efforts are performing.

Our hard working and knowledgable team knows just how to get those results you’re looking for and will help you to get there without breaking the bank. Many people waste money on these types of engagements because they have no idea what they are doing and end up not getting the results they’re looking for because of it.

Work with a company that takes the time to monitor your results and make necessary adjustments to what is working and what isn’t working so you can maximize your results, and your dollar.

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Questions and Answers about Solar PPC

If you’ve ever tried PPC but didn’t get the results you were hoping for, we definitely understand. It can be tough to strategize, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing or how you can maximize your efforts.

We take the time to steadily attract the right customers and make sure that your money is being used in the right places giving you the best results for your dollar.

A lot of people will go with the “all-in” approach, which does not necessarily give you the results you want, and could be a giant waste of money if it doesn’t work out. We find what’s working and what isn’t and expand on the parts that are working for your business goals.

There is a few differences between SEO and PPC. First off, with PPC, when you stop paying for the advertisements, then you will no longer be put o. top of the search engine results. This is similar to how you pay for other advertising like a commercial or a billboard. Once you stop paying for the ad, they will stop running and being displayed for the viewers you are targeting.

SEO is a strategy that takes a bit more time to get running and going, but is well worth it in the end. It also will last you once you stop paying for the services so you will continue to have the work that was put in for much longer.


When you first start off your SEO campaign, you will have a few months of waiting before you start to see results. This is where PPC can come in handy. When you can afford to do both, you can start your SEO campaign and also start your PPC campaign to get things started while you are waiting for your SEO to take off and kick into full gear.

So, to sum things up, if you have the funds in your marketing budget, then you may find benefits in getting both of these.

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