5 Smart Ways Of Using Pinterest To Generate More Business


by on November 1, 2016

Smart Ways Of Using Pinterest To Generate More Business

5 Smart Ways Of Using Pinterest To Generate More Business


Smart Ways Of Using Pinterest To Generate More Business

Are you satisfied with your modus operandi of business or do you wish for providing a creative edge to the social media presence of your business? Is the Twitter account sufficient for introducing your business values to stakeholders of same interest or are you getting intuitions about something being missed in your business opportunities? Well, to all these dilemmas, here is the one answer- Pinterest. Pinterest Marketing 2017 strategies are exactly what you are looking for your business expansion, in the most creative fashion ever possible.

The biggest question that will arise in your mind is about how to use Pinterest for business. Going by the Pinterest statistics, the number of active users of Pinterest reaches more than 100 million on a monthly basis. Thus, starting a business via Pinterest is literally not a big issue, unless your business is not creativity and innovation personified. Thus, in order to venture successfully with the help of Pinterest, few points have been mentioned hereafter, that can be adopted by the budding entrepreneurs or established businessmen, to mark their presence in the market. For all the business people sitting out there, pledge yourself to follow the five steps mentioned hereafter, to get your presence marked in the market as one of the most creative and inventive business.

1. Scheduling of the Pinterest pinning for profit

Scheduling of the Pinterest pinning for profit

Are you worried about the scheduling and rescheduling process on Pinterest that consumes most of your business time? Then, no need to be worried about that because Pinterest has upgraded its technology to mitigate this side effect of its posting process. Now, the user can connect his Pinterest account with his Buffer dashboard for scheduling the posting time of its Pinterest posts. This will, in itself, save the time of user who just needs to feed the schedule at his dashboard that will ultimately get buffered with the Pinterest account to post updates as per the scheduled time, without worrying about the repeated feedbacks and cross check work. The Buffer browser extensions can also be utilised in this regard, like Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, to further expand the scope and approachability of business.

2. Utilise the strategy of weekly posts and smart posting

2) Utilise the strategy of weekly posts and smart posting

You can reach out to Pinterest at any point of the day. However, you need to be specific about the content of your post as per the day and mood at Pinterest. For instance, if your posts are scheduled on Monday, then try to associate your business value with those of fitness and health. This will spread the message of making a fit and fresh start because a successful businessman resides in a fit body. Similarly, if you are scheduled to go online on Wednesday, then get your posts equipped with inspirational quotations because that is what exactly will be preferred by the jaded audience at the middle of the highly exhaustive week. Well, if this strategy of smart posts has been scheduled on weekends like Saturdays and Sundays, then pull up your socks to inspire all your potential followers for a weekend full of exotic vacations and beautifully craft ideas. This will be an exhaustive work for you but really an enticing process for the number of followers of your business.

3. Evaluation of the performance of the posted pins

Evaluation of the performance of the posted pins

Here comes the indispensable part of any business expansion strategy: Evaluation, Monitoring, and Critical Appraisal. Never forget to evaluate the relativity of your business with that of the interest of your followers so that next time when you plan for scheduling your Pinterest posts, you may not forget to display the alluring aspects of your business that will attract a huge fan population for your business. So evaluate your market performance and marketing strategy to support the further expansion of your phenomenal business idea.

4. Recurrent smart posts

Recurrent smart posts

Well, lazy butts! You cannot achieve success via Pinterest if you have not planned yet about the numerous creative posts that you are going to post on a daily basis. You have to bombard your Pinterest account with more than 10 posts a day so that the viewer may not even get the chance of swapping to any other business line. This is the most successful Pinterest marketing strategy that has been reviewed by various Pinterest based business firms.

5. Management of the Pinterest for social media marketing

Management of the Pinterest for social media marketing

Social media constitutes the binding thread of entire world and no one can stay away from getting entangled in this thread. Pinterest facilitates to link its account with other social media platforms like Google+, Facebook, YouTube, etc. so that you can easily tag, publish and link the favourite Pinterest pins on these links. Consequently, it will provide a vast development and expansion opportunity via different social media platforms.


The evaluation of Pinterest from being just an image sharing platform to a highly vibrant community of readers has helped businesses reach more number of customers. So, if you are not using Pinterest for business, then you must sign-up today to grab new opportunities to expand your reach. You can use these 5 smart ways mentioned above to drive more traffic to your website.

About the author – This post is submitted by Jack Calder, an experienced SEO/SMM professional at Stellen Infotech. He has been delivering affordable SEO/SMM services and helping clients boost conversion rates and revenues. You can follow his company on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ handle.

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