Want to make it a fun process to get your first B2B website? We had the pleasure of being part of that process for ‘First Response Safety Traning Inc.’ – a very respectable small-business that had been owner operated for 30 years and never had a real official logo or website. We had a very fun and raucous discovery session that helped us identify the ‘persona’ we were creating for, and what she cares about.

B2B Web Design Marketing

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  • Who in the organization makes the buying decision?
    Don’t just identify the kinds of companies that need what you have. Go further! Who is the individual in the organization that makes the decisions, and tap into what makes them tick!
  • What does it look like when they imagine a successful outcome?
    Ideally - we want to draw them into that idyllic future with imagery and text that helps them picture themselves there.
  • What are they afraid of?
    ‘Fear of loss’ is twice as powerful as ‘Desire for gain’ – that’s why we made the headline ‘Why gamble with your employees lives?’ Read more about how we created the persuasive site below.



Have you noticed that the best B2B companies don’t try to wow you with insanely detailed or intricate logo designs?

Instead, the best B2B branding is simple, iconic, but yet conveys alot of meaning about the brand with its simplicity. We brainstormed with the client, and went all kinds of interesting directions, before settling in on this simple design that will look great as a tiny icon, as well as on a billboard.

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Have you won awards? Are you part of professional organizations?

So much of effective B2B web design is a balance between giving the right amount of information and not overwhelming people. To share – in detail about each of your services right on the homepage, could lead to ‘Analysis Paralysis’, meaning people won’t feel equipped to make a decision, but rather, they’ll feel intimidated.


Through local directory listings, through press release distribution, through guest posting, through thick and thin.

B2B web design benefits from the ability to showcase other companies you’ve worked with, and thus support your company with some of the positive brand awareness of those companies.

This along with clear testimonials, awards, and other trust factors – as well as strong ‘call-to-action’s’ will decrease friction and make it easy for people to make the next step with you.

If you are looking for a clean, modern B2B website design company – that can help capture the spirit of your business, get in touch now. We use a combination of modern design, and SEO to help you get more website traffic and leads, and not all B2B web design is the same – choose wisely.
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