Should I Buy a Cheap Website?


by on December 9, 2016

Should I Buy a Cheap Website?


“Be wary of anyone who says they’ll build you a web site or sell you a car for $600.”

There’s a reason these things are cheap.

And no, you’re not going to be the one person who defies the pattern. 

Why is a cheap car usually not very good? Because people didn’t want it and/or the person selling it knows it wouldn’t sell for more than that otherwise.

Same reason a cheap website likely wouldn’t be super amazing. The designer who creates it either isn’t confident enough in their ability to create high-value websites, or has tried to sell websites at a higher rate and people won’t pay it.

So they have time.

And they wait, and lower their price – and then end on something they know some people will buy at.

I really don’t try to sell to people looking for super cheap sites

Could I create a super cheap website? Yes. I could throw together a website in a couple days and become a cheap website guy, and get cheap clients that didn’t really respect my work, and half the time weren’t even making money on their website.

I know that if I wasted a ton of time on cheap sites, I wouldn’t be able to create amazing ones. 

I know that I have to ask for what I’m worth – and ask for what I need to create the best sites possible. There is trial and error involved and I’ve overpriced, underpriced, and even made a free website or two, either to be nice to a friend or for a special cause.

I’ll just say this – I didn’t have a great experience. I think it comes down to the fact people value what they pay for. Both the designer and the client need to be invested, and this means that a bit of $$$ changes hands.

You don’t want a cheap website, I promise

But if you do end up buying one, I might see you in 6 months to a year. I find so many of my clients tried to go the cheap route first, and then once they wanted to get serious about their business and really acknowledged that their website matters to the people they do business with – they want a professional working on it.

Not their neighbor’s cousin.

Not the boss’s nephew.

Not your little brother’s best friend.

A professional web designer. 

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