Awarded by: Hook Agency

Amount: $1,000

Recipients: 1 Awards Yearly


Hook Agency is a Construction Marketing company with a specialization in ‘Search Engine Optimization‘. We love helping companies find their ‘hook’ – and want you to be part of it!

Write 1,000 word essay – and you could be featured on our website, especially if that essay is well written and insightful, we just want it to include the word ‘hook’ and be about marketing.

Send your entry to tim@hookagency.com, and come back here to see if your article gets featured, and if you’re chosen to win the $1,000 scholarship.

Write on one of these 10 writing prompts

  • “Why Does Every Business Need a Hook?”
  • “How are company’s ‘hooking’ ideal customers?”
  • “How does the idea of ‘teaching a man to fish’ apply to marketing agencies?”
  • Why does every company need to use content to Hook customers?
  • What company are you ‘hooked’ on – partly because of their marketing?
  • What is a “Hook” in programming?
  • When did a company “hook you up” with a good deal, how did that influence your loyalty?
  • Why are people “Hooked” on social media – how can company’s capitalize on the attention there?
  • How does marketing act like the small little hooks used for fishing?
  • What’s your favorite ‘Hook’ in a song? What makes a great song hook?


Entry Criteria:

  • Fresh new ideas (Innovative)
  • Grammar and spelling correct. (Professional)
  • Written in a way that compells the reader to action. (Actionable)
  • Outlines useful ideas in an easy to understand way. (Clear)

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