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Roofing Slogans | 12 Examples of Effective Taglines and Why

By Vincenzo Colosimo
Updated February 20, 2021
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When it comes to branding, having an effective tagline can truly set you apart from your competition. Whether they mean to or not, consumers most definitely “judge a book by its’ cover” when deciding on a company to do business with. But do slogans matter for roofing companies? And what makes a great slogan anyways? 

The first answer is YES, roofing slogans do matter! The second answer is comprised of a few different elements. Let’s use two examples to illustrate the difference between an effective tagline and a tagline that is simply there:

Example 1 You’re looking for a roofing company in your area, so you go onto Google and search for “great roofing companies in XYZ City”. You scroll through a list of options and come across “Specialty Roofing Company” and decide to check out their website. On their landing page in big bold letters, it says “We do residential roofing”.    Example 2  – The same scenario, but this time you click on the website for “Hour Glass Roofers”. On their landing page in big bold letters it says: “Hour Glass Roofers – We make roofs that stand the test of time”

In example 1 the tagline “We do residential roofing” doesn’t separate Specialty Roofing Company from any other roofing company or provide any value. It is a tagline and it does communicate what that company does, but is it effective in convincing someone to do business? Not really. When you read the tagline from example 2, “We make roofs that stand the test of time”, you instantly have a question answered and value provided. That tagline is addressing a pain point and providing a solution.

To break it down even further, here are a few qualities that all effective slogans have:

  1. Communicates the value that the business provides
  2. Makes sense with the name of the company
  3. Appropriate tone
  4. Creative
  5. Concise

By coming up with an effective slogan you can separate yourself from the majority of roofing companies that have bland taglines. But before you create you’re own, learning how to identify a quality tagline is pivotal. 

Let’s go through a list of 12 taglines and identify what makes them effective!

1. Infinity Exteriors – Your neighbors love our work! – And I love this slogan! Straight to the point and communicated creatively. A fantastic way to see if a tagline is effective is to imagine someone is asking “Why should I choose this company?”, and if the answer is their tagline, what would you think? Infinity Exteriors answers that question brilliantly.

2. First American Roofing & Siding, Inc. – Your first and only choice for roofing, siding, & insulation – What makes this slogan so effective is the tone, it speaks confidently and makes the reader feel secure. It’s great because it sends the message that you can trust the business and you won’t ever need to fix their work. We also love this tagline because First American Roofing & Siding is one of our clients, check out our case study here.

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3. Interlock Metal Roofing  – Never Re-Roof Again This is an excellent example of communicating a value proposition. The slogan shows that the company offers something unique. Additionally, it creates a reaction. The slogan causes you to think “What? I never have to re-roof again?”. If your tagline can intrigue someone in that way it’s going to be effective.

4. 22nd Century Roofing – For the future of your home When I read that tagline it makes me feel like 22nd Century Roofing truly cares. It also makes a lot of sense because of the name of the business, so there’s a creative element as well.  

5.  Tugwell Roofing Co. – A small company with a BIG reputation An element that makes this tagline effective that wasn’t mentioned above is authenticity. Building trust is difficult to do but when you have branding, and in this case a slogan, that communicates authenticity it makes it that much easier for a customer to trust you.

6. Bob Behrends Roofing – Keeping the weather out This may be bordering on being too simple, but I think it works for Bob. Simple, but get’s the point across in a somewhat creative way.

7. Weather Tight Roofing – Our competition is our best advertisement I like this because of its tenacity. When you’re communicating or eliciting emotion with a tagline your brand becomes more personable. This tagline tells the customer that Weather Tight is good at what they do and they know it. A little cocky? Maybe. But does it make them  stand out? Absolutely!

8. Roof Smith –  Let our family help your family! Marketing lingo alert! This slogan uses an emotional appeal. You may not even realize it but when you read their tagline it instantly makes you feel differently about Roof Smith. Instead of thinking of them as just another business, you think of them as a family. Not only that, a family that wants to help you! Bonus points for including a call to action

9. Lifetime Roofing – Quality workmanship done right the first time. An effective way to reach your customers is to speak to their pain points – struggles they have had in the past. This company is addressing a concern a customer may have and putting them at ease right away with their slogan. You don’t have to worry about Lifetime Roofing doing a poor job because they told you upfront they’ll do it right the first time.

Here are three examples taglines that need a simple re-work to make them more effective!

10. IWC Roofing Experts  – One Day Install This is an excellent example of a tagline that has potential. It’s the beginning of the thought process that could lead to an excellent slogan. “What are we good at? Well, one day installs” and that was the end of the conversation. Even just by adding “Home of the One Day Install” you are livening up the slogan and giving the reader more to digest. An even more creative version would be “Don’t wait, install your roof in a day!”, now you’re speaking directly to your customer, giving them a call to action, and communicating the same message.

11. JC&C Roofing –  Quality is not an act it’s a habit Although it’s a good sentiment, it’s far too wordy and it makes you scratch your head a little. Remember to be clear and concise. You can communicate the same message by simply saying “Quality is a habit!”

12. American Roofing – Tradition in Excellence This is on the opposite end of the spectrum compared to example 11. Oversimplification makes it easy for a customer to breeze past your slogan altogether. Yes, being concise is an important element for your slogan but not at the expense of the “stickiness” factor. You want your slogan to stick in your readers’ heads. You could expand on this slogan and communicate more effectively with “Building a tradition of excellence since 1954


Now that you have a better understanding of what makes an effective slogan, check out some more Roofing Marketing Resources and other branding tips here!


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Vincenzo Colosimo
Vincenzo Colosimo

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