Do you want to know how to get more website traffic and leads for your roofing company? This case study will show you how Northface Construction was able to get 458% more page views and 180% more leads in one year. Are we talking Google paid ads, Facebook, HomeAdvisor? None of the above!

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  • Almost 7X the traffic from Google
    The crazy thing - was that Google traffic went up even more than 458%... It went up 589%! That means it grew at a significantly quicker pace than any other traffic source
  • Leads are up over 180%
    Contact form submissions and calls from Google traffic are up 180% year over year
  • How'd we do it?
    Read the step by step case study below that helped us smash our goals, and help this company go from 3 people to 6 people.


Roofing SEO Case Study


We made the website easier for Google to crawl and decipher it's structure, and important pages.

We de-indexed things like 'tags', and 'categories' in WordPress that show up as duplicate content when Google crawls the site, and makes it less likely to show your pages high in search. We submitted the sitemap to Google search console, increased internal links on the site, added alt text to all images, and made numerous other technical changes on the site.



Unfortunately - just blogging without keyword research isn't effective anymore, you need to really find out what people are searching most and write for that demand.

We created stellar content, including 'how-to' content, content about the latest roofing technology, and even these good-looking Siding color trends infographic, to go along with a blog post about the biggest color trends of the year:


Through local directory listings, through press release distribution, through guest posting, through thick and thin.

In the land of the resourceful, the most resourceful SEO team wins. Taking things one step further than Northface's competitors allowed this relatively young business to have a leg up on companies that have been around for 20 years.

A combination of more traffic from Google search + a stellar looking website that we designed, has allowed them to grow, and we're excited to continue to help get them to the next level this year as well.

Unfortunately not every Roofing SEO company is created equal. Send us a message now to get a free consultation – and 5x your website traffic and consistently get more leads & ideal customers this next year.

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