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Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short is the practice of optimizing and marketing your website to encourage search engines to rank your website higher in their results. This means that sites with better SEO will bring in more traffic each month.

But the most critical part of SEO is the keywords that you’re trying to rank for. As a roofing company, you are only interested in bringing in traffic that is interested in a new roof, so, you must market your website to rank highly for roofing related queries.

We have been doing roofing SEO for years, and we know the websites that we can build links from and the ones that we can’t.

This gives us a unique ability to rank your site for competitive keywords that will bring in targeted traffic each month, the kinds of people who have their credit cards in their hands and are already ready to purchase.

Check it out – we recently got out and roofed a house with one of our clients! 🙂

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Roofing Marketing focused on building your brand and getting serious results

If you do any marketing at all for your roofing company, digital marketing should be it.

As the most cost-effective marketing strategy for small and medium-sized businesses, digital marketing can help propel you ahead of the competition without breaking the bank.

We’ll work with you to discuss your business goals and which digital marketing strategies to implement to meet them. We love helping small businesses thrive with Roofing SEO and we’re looking forward to teaming up with you!

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Questions and Answers about Roofing SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO is split into two parts; on-page and off-page. On-page SEO is the technical structure of your web pages, and off-page SEO includes signals like the number of links to a page. We do everything that we can to improve both.

Your on-page SEO is influenced by factors like the structure of your website, the speed of the site, the quality of your content and how your keywords are used in that content. Our first step will be to audit your entire website and decide what improvements can be made.

With off-page SEO we prefer to perform legitimate white hat marketing techniques instead of just link building because this is more sustainable and safer for our clients.

These marketing techniques are designed to get your website featured around the internet using articles that will link back to the pages that you want to rank.

These links signal to Google that your page is popular and credible, encouraging them to rank it higher in the results pages. Our services often double our client’s website traffic and leads – we can share with you our exact methods, send us a message now!

1. Do local directory listings – and make sure you have a consistent name, address and phone number on every single one.

2. Write meta-titles and descriptions for all of your top money-making service pages, and for that matter – make sure they each have their own page.

3. Create videos to explain each of your services, ideally on-location. The ‘time on site’ increase that videos bring, actually helps your site rank higher.

4. Get links back to your site with methods like “guest posting”, which just means writing for other websites and linking back. (we do this for our Roofing SEO clients.)

5. Write 700+ words on each of your main service pages.

6. Get at least 3 giant guides out on the site, and write blogs regularly (we also do this for our clients.)

Click here for a full explanation of our top SEO Tips for Roofers

SEO is just one component of a full-stack roofing marketing plan. I break down marketing well into two key buckets:

1. Brand – You need to have your trucks wrapped, a big sign on your building, and ideally you should be doing events out in the community, involved in local organizations etc. Spreading not only your LOGO, but also your key value proposition far and wide – means sharing what you stand for with your community. The obvious ones being quality, reliability, and customer service – but how are you different as well. Ideally, people associate that difference with your brand and your broader reputation.

2. Lead Generation – Any activity that’s intended to get roofing leads on a rhythmic, regular basis from Thumbtack and HomeAdvisor, to SEO and Pay-Per-Click advertising on Google or Facebook. Think outside the box – but also after you’ve tested numerous ideas, double down hard on what works. This is how and when so many companies come to us – they say, “I already know being high on Google works – we just need help scaling that against our competition.”

BONUS – The best marketing looks a little bit like sales, and the best sales looks a little bit like marketing. Be open to a blended approach to your efforts, and don’t just look at your competition for ideas. Chances are – if they’re already doing it, it may not differentiate you from them at all.

We believe the best approach is leading with organic rankings, and then once the keywords and opportunities are identified – scaling into paid ads makes a lot more sense.

Lead SEO – add PPC on top – and continue that one-two punch, scaling up and down the paid side to fill in gaps where you need to keep your teams busy and profitable. For more information check out our article on SEO vs. PPC for Roofers

1. Canvassing.
2. SEO.
3. Google Paid Ads.
4. Partnerships and referral programs.
5. Social Media.
6. Direct Mail.
7. Trade Shows and Local Events.
8. Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack and Houzz.
9. Google Local Services.
10. Get tons of reviews, and delight existing customers.

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