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Roofing PPC

Smart roofers utilize Hook to run their ads

We know how to create ads that actually convert. With a team that can create landing pages that convert, copywriters on staff, and savvy marketers from top to bottom – Hook Agency can deliver more bang for your buck on your paid ad spend. 

  • Target the keywords that actually convert
  • Let us help you create better ad copy
  • Get visually designed ads for display ad networks
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Roofing PPC done for you by experts

We know you’ve invested your blood, sweat and tears into your company – and we can help you reap more of the rewards by owning your marketing – and wielding your Google ad spend better.

We can also help you with Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and any other ad network that requires a savvy eye and a team of marketers – from coders to copywriters. We’re here for you – so you can more time running your company, rather than trying to learn about marketing stuff that you’d rather have done for you.

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Roofing PPC

Ads that actually get the click + landing pages that win the business

There are terrible Roofing PPC providers out there that don’t even know how to make new pages on your website, and that definitely don’t have 3+ web designers and developers on staff ready to create landing pages for each campaign that is lucrative for you.

We know what it takes to scale marketing campaigns that get massive results for our clients – and we LOVE working with roofers. You need more leads, in a scalable, efficient way that feeds your sales team and creates sustainable growth in revenue. We’re here to help.

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Questions and Answers about Roofing PPC

We see company’s doing PPC that know how to spend money quick and in-efficiently. We pride our selves on a slower approach, building up what’s working, and trimming negative keywords that don’t make you money. We may not spend 10k the first month, but we also make sure your spending is much more targeted than many who may be more reckless.

SEO is amazing for getting leads in 6-9 months from the start of your project, but PPC can help you get more leads tomorrow – and the next day, and feed your sales team for the foreseeable future. We’re of the mind, that if you can afford to do both – and you need to see immediate results, you should start PPC as soon as possible.

Visual/display ad design is part of the initial fees on your PPC campaign. Landing pages are billed separately if we are building them out on your site. We have the staff to help you with this and are willing to price them efficiently as part of an initial project or down the road. Be confident knowing that all of our skills are in-house and ready to help at any time. Including coders, designers, writers, and SEO specialists + along with your Roofing PPC / Google ad specialists that will be running your campaigns.

We start at $997 for any spend under $5,000 in budget, and it scales up slowly from there for higher spends. We try to be extremely reasonable in our pricing, and it includes setup and monthly reporting. We are open to reporting more often at the beginning of our services, but in general after the first few months – we find it makes sense to share key findings and changes in a monthly call.

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