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Roofing Lead Generation | Top 7 Roofing Lead Gen Companies

Updated September 16, 2019
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Roofing Lead Generation

Whether you’re a roofer, run a roofing business, or help market a roofing company, there’s one thing for sure. You need high quality leads, and you need lots of them, fast!

But maybe you’re annoyed from buying leads who renege, hang up on you, or ignore your calls?

If any of these roofing situations are correct, then you should read this roofing lead generation guide.

You’re about to discover seven popular roofing lead generation companies that you need to consider.

Roofing Lead Generation

# 1 – Amazon Home Services

Amazon Home Services is easily one of the most popular lead generation services for roofers. That’s because Amazon is one of the largest companies on the planet. Amazon can list your roofing services in front of their massive audience.

The beauty of Amazon Home Services is that approved roofers and contractors tap into a truly massive ocean of roofing leads.

One of the most significant downsides of Amazon Home Services is that they’re very exclusive. In other words, there’s no guarantee that they’ll allow you to sell your services on their platform.

Pros of Amazon Home Services:

  • Amazon is a massive company with a ton of website traffic.
  • Amazon Home Services is free to join.

Cons of Amazon Home Services:

  • Amazon only works with select contractors.
  • Rigorous licensing and background checks.
  • If you don’t have a solid reputation, Amazon may not approve your business.

# 2 – Angie’s List

Angie’s List is, without a doubt, one of the top platforms for roofing leads. Angie’s List has been around for a long time and is tremendously popular for clients and contractors.

Angie’s List is so prevalent in fact that the novice roofing company might have a difficult time getting noticed. Competition is indeed fierce; however, at least Angie’s List is free to register and start using.

Pros of Angie’s List:

Cons of Angie’s List:

  • Competition is fierce.
  • If you’re a new roofer, a lack of reviews and social proof won’t help.

# 3 – Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is a great way to advertise to just about any audience. Whether you want to promote new roofs, pressure washing, gutter cleaning or snow removal, Facebook has you covered.

Facebook also rocks if you want to focus on end-users in your local area. Let’s be honest. Facebook has so much data on its end-users that you can target your ideal customer down to a science using their ad platform.

Facebook Ads is also a little tricky if you’re new to the world of marketing, advertising, copywriting, and sales. Like most advertising platforms, Facebook Ads is competitive. For that reason, Facebook has potential, but you must proceed with caution and consult a competent marketing consultant for the best results.

Pros of Facebook Ads:

  • Everyone uses Facebook! There’s no shortage of traffic.

Cons of Facebook Ads:

  • Cost of advertising is often very steep.
  • Learning curve of ad management is high.

# 4 – Craigslist

You might think that Craigslist is old news and that nobody uses it anymore. If you thought that, you guessed wrong!

According to Alexa.com, Craigslist.org is still ranked in the top websites on the planet and currently sits at around number 120. In other words, Craigslist gets a massive amount of traffic every single day. You can bet that many of their users are chomping at the bit for roofing services, and other services.

The main disadvantage is that Craigslist doesn’t offer significant branding benefits of more modern lead generation companies like Amazon Home Services, or Thumbtack Pro.

Pros of Craigslist:

  • Free to use, and hugely popular.
  • You can promote your roofing services, or just about any other small business.

Cons of Craigslist:

  • Doesn’t boast robust branding features like other (newer) options.
  • Requires ongoing effort to post ads consistently.
  • You risk your ads becoming “ghosted” if readers flag your posts.

# 5 – Yelp

Yelp is an excellent resource so you can get a free web presence quickly. Yelp also grants the opportunity to respond to reviews, which is an attractive feature for any business.

One of the significant drawbacks of Yelp is that it’s impossible to tell which reviews are legit, and which are from trolls. Also, unless you use their premium features, it may be challenging to gain traction, especially if you don’t have reviews.

Pros of Yelp:

  • Yelp is free to register. (They offer premium upgrades and ad tools).
  • You can quickly respond to reviews and interact with customers.

Cons of Yelp:

  • If you don’t have existing clients and reviews, your profile will look sparse and lonely.
  • It’s difficult to vet the credibility of reviews. (So, competitors or trolls could theoretically write fake reviews).

# 6 – Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the most popular advertising platforms on the planet, so they’re worth mentioning in this list.

The best thing about Google Ads is that you can show your roofing advertisement to your ideal audience the moment they type something into the search engine.

On the downside, Google Ads can be hugely expensive. It’s easy to argue that just about any Pay Per Click advertising is costly, especially for roofers. According to the SpyFu keyword tool, the keyword “roofer near me” has an average cost per click (CPC) of over $11!

Pros of Google Ads

  • Google Ads is a great way to reach your audience as they search for a roofer.

Cons of Google Ads

# 7 – Thumbtack Pro

Thumbtack Pro is a smart choice if you want to build your brand while generating leads at the same time. If you love the idea of building rapport, relationships, and a solid reputation, then Thumbtack Pro rocks for roofing leads.

The way Thumbtack Pro works is simple.

Thumbtack Pro helps you to promote your roofing offers, so you can focus on offering fantastic roofing support to your clients.

You can build your profile on Thumbtack Pro for free. You can click here to get started without any stress or hassle.

Pros of Thumbtack:

  • Free registration.
  • You get real roofing leads sent to you without any tech stress.
  • You can focus on building a powerful reputation for your roofing business, all under one roof! (Pun intended).

Cons of Thumbtack:

  • The roofing leads that you get on Thumbtack Pro are fresh, so you must follow up quickly!

Click here to join Thumbtack Pro for free.

How to Easily Generate Roofing Leads Without Any Second Guessing

There are tons of services to help market your roofing company and generate leads.

One of the best things to do is diversify yourself. Consider all your lead generation options. Figure out which services work the best for your style, your brand, and your roofing company.

Ideally – you own your own marketing, by creating content on your website, promoting yourself on social media – and hiring a heavy-duty search engine optimization company like Hook Agency. Send us a message to get started today.

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