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You may be the best recruiter in all of the nation, but that doesn’t always mean that people will be able to find you. The way to get the best results is through paid ads and media campaigns which help to convert a lead into a viable customer. 

  • We find the best keywords to use in order to reach your audience.
  • We target the ads towards the right demographic so we can capture their interest.
  • We create visually appealing and aesthetic ads across multiple networks to make sure that you’re being seen.
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Recruiting can be tough, so why waste your energy doing things that somebody else (like us) can do. You know the recruiting business and we know marketing, which is why we would make a great team.

We know that you work hard and want to get the most out of your advertising dollars. You should see results when you put money into your ad spend. We’ll help you get those results.

If you go looking for a candidate, you’ll do whatever you can to find the best one that you can. We believe you should do the same thing when you’re looking for a marketing company.

Choose to work with us for your recruiting firm pay-per-click. We’ll help to ensure that your website shows up #1 above your competition.

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Recruiter PPC Will Help Get More Eyes on Your Website Today

PPC is a highly effective advertising tool, that you should be taking advantage of. Pay-per-click allows you to get to the top of search engine results right away. 

We find the keywords and phrases that people are searching for so we can make sure to land on the top of peoples search results.

We know what it takes to show up on top and are willing to put in the work to get you there so that nothing goes to waste. We know the work that it takes to get you there and we won’t stop until we do.

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We go with a conservative, slow and steady route when it comes to attracting the correct customers so that you get the most from your investment. It may be tempting to throw all the money into it right away, but that doesn’t end well.

We trim off the bits of fat and only stay with the lean meat that works for you and perform well. We make your campaign so that it’s customized to you and your business so that it gets you the best results possible.

While we do have a strong appreciation for SEO and the many benefits that it can bring, it does take a few months before you can see a return on your investment. With Childcare PPC, you will get results much faster, like tomorrow fast so you can land more leads right away.


Nobody reads ads that aren’t visually appealing. Since visual elements are key aspects of advertising, especially PPC campaigns, we don’t upcharge for the ad designs. Instead, we include ad design in your initial fee package.

If you also desire landing pages, you have the option to add them separately at any stage of the process. Our team can design custom landing pages that fit with your campaign.

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