Whiskers To Tails Petsitting – Website Design

Whiskers To Tails Petsitting – Website Design

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The Challenge

Whiskers To Tails Petsitting needed some key things done on their website like full-width video, and a strong ‘trust-factor’ centric design that would make it obvious why clients should work with their dog-walking and pet-sitting services. They felt their existing design team didn’t have the ability to do what was needed, so they came to me in search of a relatively small engagement. They didn’t want to scrap their whole website; they wanted to make improvements.

The Solution

Website design in Minneapolis means I was able to sit down for coffee with this couple duo and talk through what I could do for them to make their website better. We collaborated on the changes that we felt could move the needle and make WTTPS money. They weren’t shy about telling me what they wanted to be changed, and I gave them strong suggestions based on my experience of working on 50+ websites. The goal, to improve the way they communicate and convert in the open digital market.

Why my experience on this project matters to you

I love working with small to mid-sized businesses, learning about what makes them special, and helping them make a bigger dent in the overall market. I thrive when it comes to creating messaging, coming up with tactics for Conversion Rate Optimization, and perfectly tuning and tweaking sites until they are working as seamlessly as they can. This doesn’t always mean it’s a simple initial engagement, but can work best when there’s an ongoing relationship to improve your digital marketing.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for

  • Conversion centric design
  • Website tweaks and modification
  • A/B Testing, and iterative design and testing
  • Changes for conversion based on best practices and modern trends

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