Vistas In Education – Website Design & Development

Vistas In Education – Website Design & Development

Case Study Live Site Vistas in Education - Conversion Rate Optimization

The Challenge

Vistas In Education needed a website with stronger calls to action and a clearer hierarchy. The site had some rough looking elements that didn’t quite speak to the professionalism that the people at V.I.E. exuded. I wanted to help them show off what makes them special with images, text, and interactive elements while still displaying a high-end looking, modern website design.

The Solution

By re-working the navigation, subtracting redundancies, and making it clear what the next step should be on each page, we made this site more likely to convert visitors into customers. Each of the interior pages has a call to action at the end of the page now. Pages with a high likelihood to convert visitors to customer got special attention,  in particular pages like the testimonial page and other trust factor pages.

Key things I learned in this process that could apply to your project

I learned that it is better to start with a solid, modern, and healthy theme on any project. Although it wasn’t quite necessary to rip out the current WordPress theme and start over, I felt like their theme fought me a bit. I wanted it to be a cost-effective solution, and we modified it utilizing a child theme, and making the changes there while still being highly efficient.

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