Supersonic – Branding & Logo Design

Supersonic – Branding & Logo Design

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The backstory on the brand

When I met with Supersonic about creating a new logo for the company, I asked some key questions. These will crop up when you decide to work with me on your company’s or organization’s branding.

  • Who is the prime demographic (or the ideal customer) for your company?
  • What does your company do better than competitors?
  • How do you want to be perceived in the market?

Achieving Brand Zen

With the answers to these and other questions in hand, I can start translating that information into a compelling logo design. What colors would appeal to the demographic? What symbols or typefaces will speak to your company’s aspiration in the market? Are you an innovative leader? Are you established and trustworthy? Are you a provocative start-up?

Why my experience on this project matters to you

Working with Supersonic to create something distinguished required a certain amount of taste from the outset. You don’t just spend a couple of years in Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator and gain that insight. It requires years of critical thinking, critique with peers, and openness to grow. I’m an incredibly visual person, so this discipline is well suited to me. I think in terms of market success and how the visual design of your logo will strike the eye of that perfect customer. What will be compelling to them? What will smack of quality as they soak it in? Hitting that sweet spot is always my goal.

Why work with me on your company’s or organization’s next branding project

Creating a visually distinct WordMark or logo requires a keen eye. Branding and logo design is a science. Every aspect of marketing and how you want your brand’s prime demographic to perceive you, you should consider. Does this sound like too much? Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that it has to be laborious, it can be fun. This is how my mind works. I love setting companies and organizations apart visually with a compelling design.

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