Sound Temple – Logo Design & Branding

Sound Temple – Logo Design & Branding

Case Study Live Site Branding and Logo Design in Minneapolis Minnesota and Surrounding Areas

Working with Sound Temple on their branding

I loved sitting with the guys from Sound Temple and getting down to the root of Sound Temple’s purpose. In fact, the name Sound Temple was a creation of mine in the process of looking for a name with the guys. The purpose of Sound Temple is to bring meaning into the process of a recording studio. To cater to the tastes of musicians who wanted a deeper experience while they worked with the sound technicians in the space.

Creation of the logo

Taking deep inspiration from European hand-lettered logo marks and started with the wordmark. From there the symbolism of the pagoda that encompasses the wordmark gives a natural and flowing quality to the design that is perfect for a recording studio. Several clients who have come to me afterward have noted Sound Temple’s logo design as a reason for coming to me, and peers in the design field compliment it as well.

Why my experience of working on this matters to your project

There are certain things you can have done by an inexperienced person and get away with it, but logo design requires finesse and depth of knowledge in the subject of branding and marketing. Through designing Sound Temple’s logo with their team, and working with other businesses and organizations, I’m experienced and ready for curveballs.  I’m also deeply interested in the psychology of how design affects the human mind, and I’ve experimented with how visual design elements affect action.

I’m excited about my next logo design project

That’s right. Enthusiasm. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” I believe that the enjoyment I feel from my client’s success is one of the best assets I have working with them on creating a compelling brand. I always try to answer:  what’s the action we want your best customer to take? Everything I do in the design of your new logo will reflect that understanding.

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