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Small Business Web Design

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The Challenge

Alpine Asphalt had a small business web design done by Dex, which is apparently not equipped to create compelling small business website designs at scale. The site was not mobile friendly, and there was a lot of opportunities for the website to be better indexed by search engines. The site didn’t do a great job at showcasing what Alpine does that is special – which is make it easy! A lot of companies that do what they do make it overly complicated, so they take a different approach.

The Solution

WordPress offers very solid indexability, so using it was the perfect solution to build the site on and give full ownership over to the small business owner! Once the site is in place Dawn, who manages Alpine’s day-to-day web presence, is now fully in charge of content as much as she wants. Also, we are doing a 3-month engagement to get better linking and content strategy on the website to increase traffic, which allows me to be there for her ongoing for anything that comes up as well.

Key things I learned in this process

I love small business web design! People that love what they do, like Dawn Reid and Alpine Asphalt, make me excited to be an entrepreneur. They have a serious focus on work/life balance with part of their year spent skiing, which they love to show off on their site. If anything it reminded me that it’s important to be a person too, not just a business person.

I always learn a little bit about business and treating people well and being of service when I work on projects with small business owners – it’s a great perk of my job!

“Tim designed a new website that captures the spirit of our company AND gets results. His whole process — from initial meeting to launch — was seamless.”
Dawn Reid, Alpine Asphalt

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