Savo Logistics Website Redesign

Savo Logistics Website Redesign

Case Study Live Site Savo Logistics Website Redesign


The Challenge

Savo Logistics has the best customer service in the business – but did their website communicate that story?

No – it made them look like a tiny company with very little experience.

A new website would have to be a game-changer, a shift in perceptions, and showcase their strengths – their process, and their ability to scale for small to big businesses.

From manufacturing to e-commerce, they can handle it all. Small-pack to freight – the website had to showcase that breadth of skill, and our work needed to fulfill on the desire to speak to their ideal customers.


The Solution

We decided to dive deep on what the emotional hook would be for Savo. How easy it is to work with them, plus the personalized experience and making shipping simple.

The photos, and headlines were all crafted to make their value proposition obvious and memorable.

We helped them boil down why their best customers come to them – and bring that to the forefront through a simple but unique design, that feels as crafted as their solutions for THEIR customers.

We are proud of how the design feels almost like a package itself, opening up like a window in an envelope to reveal pictures beneath – this design doesn’t exist anywhere else on the internet, because every one of our websites is designed custom from scratch, for our customers unique needs and specialties.

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