A.D. Hays Real Estate – Website Design & Development

A.D. Hays Real Estate – Website Design & Development

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The Challenge

AD Hays Group needed a serious website that showed why they were special. I sat down with Art (AD) and talked through what he was an advantage he had over the competitors and how we might be able to showcase that uniqueness with a custom website. I honestly love digging into these types of challenges, and there were definitely some in this build. Priority number one, finding a way to list properties in a clean and visually compelling way while making them easy to add.

The Solution

From the video header on Art’s site, to the property carousel and big “SOLD” feature on properties, all of the design choices were intended to persuade people to make the next step and contact him. Testimonials are front and center on the home page and include photos of clients, so there’s no doubt that the text is from real people. Every page has a call to action at the end, giving a visual representation of the site’s intention to make it more likely people will take the next step!

Key things I learned in this process

With every site I work on, I love learning new things. Having been part of 30+ website design and promotion projections, running point on more than half of those, I’ve gained a keen respect for the unique perspective of entrepreneurs, marketing directors, and solopreneurs. I would say on this project – I realize how much I love it when there’s trust in the process, and honestly, I think that’s how I do my best work.

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