Mall of America Blog Design and Development

Mall of America Blog Design and Development

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The Challenge

Mall of America came to me looking for a more editorial and modernized feel for their new blog. Instead of getting the blog to draw traffic to their website, and other website content, they wanted to continually draw people to people into the mall.

The Solution

I was part of the architecting (wireframes + sitemaps,) on this site, into the design, and developed the site on WordPress. My expertise spanning across these discipline allows me to think best how it will show up in the browser, not just in a photoshop mockup. This also gives me freedom to think up new ways that we can leverage technology to cater to you, your business’s needs, and the customer’s or client’s you serve.

Working with big, medium, and small clients, I’ve been able to expand my abilities with WordPress, and web design in general. By creating sleek, modern design for the country’s biggest mall, and arguably one of Minnesota’s most recognizable attractions I was exposed to new ideas and can put those ideas to work for you.

Why my experience on this project matters to you

You don’t have to have the same budget as a Mall of America. In fact I want to be at a price-point that caters to smaller businesses because I like the process of sitting down with business owners and entrepreneurs and learning how they do things. That is how I find what’s special about your story and your service and communicate that in your website.

“Tim did a great job conceptualizing and building a custom WordPress template to house the Mall of America blog. From the beginning of the project, Tim took a goal-oriented approach to making sure our needs were met. From wireframes to design and development, he ensured we were building a site that would help showcase the experience of being at Mall of America®. Tim paid attention to many details and worked with us to ensure the site design was compelling and delivered content to our guests in a meaningful, interactive way.”
Timothy Pate, Mall of America

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