Inflight Pilot Training Website Redesign

Inflight Pilot Training Website Redesign

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The Challenge

Inflight Pilot Training needed a new clean site, that showcased it’s unique offering, and was set up to get a healthy amount of search engine traffic.

The owner of this small business – didn’t want his website to look like all the other websites out there, but actually position his company as a market leader.

What does it take to look like the market leader?

We needed to build a fully custom WordPress website – that showcased his companies unique strengths, and for that no pre-existing template had what it took. We needed a completely fresh look, specific to the companies needs.

After looking at other websites in this niche, we determined we could make the best looking pilot training website the world has ever seen.

Dramatic? Check out the end result for yourself to make your own decision.

Check out the live site


The Solution

The motif of clouds, emotional moments pilots might be able to wield their skills for the good of their families and careers, and the easy next steps to start training for the first time – were central to what ended up making this website exceptional.

We found ways to create a clean, powerful and emotionally resonant website redesign – but also make the website easy to edit, and fully responsive for mobile devices.

Once the website was developed on WordPress, we optimized it for search engines – and launched the site. We’re grateful for such an awesome opportunity to create something epic, that ourselves and the business owner can be proud of for the foreseeable future!

The metrics speak for themselves – as the average time on site has dramatically increased since the the redesign: more people are spending longer on the website now that it is easier to navigate.

Average time on page increased by website redesign

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