eCig Market – Art Direction & Development

eCig Market – Art Direction & Development

Case Study Live Site E-cig Market Design and Development - Art Direction

The Challenge

eCig Market needed a new website, and this time they wanted to sell their products online. They knew they couldn’t spend tens of thousands of dollars for an eCommerce store, so that’s where I came in. They needed something that looks nice, tells their story, and that directs people to their physical location.

The Solution

From wireframes on up, the solution focuses on what I dug up as the difference between eCig Market and their competitors. They only offer high-end eLiquid, versus many shops that just sell the cheap stuff. With their new vaping bar they have a higher end experience, and we accentuate that in the design. By showcasing their wonderful reviews from Google and Facebook and making them easy for the clients to add, we established a social trust factor for the site and showcased some of their best customer feedback.

Why my experience on this project matters to you

e-Commerce web design is not always for the faint of heart. It takes consideration of a lot of elements, and the design of this website takes all of those elements into consideration down to the checkout. As a freelance web designer I can to handle e-Commerce websites and make them beautiful, but also affordable. This particular website uses WooCommerce, and the theme is a custom, from-scratch theme developed for the sole purpose of making this beautiful, sturdy website built to serve this client for years to come.

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