Copycats Media – Visual Design

Copycats Media – Visual Design

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The Challenge

Copycats Media is a Minnesota Company that does media duplication and replication. They needed a website that really tells their story. Collaborating with the internal team, which included a couple of visual designers, I focused on what I do best, user interface design and designing for mobile.

The Solution

Working with their internal illustrator, we brought in the cartoon theme they use as part of their branding and other visual assets. We focused on the homegrown appeal, testimonials from high-profile clients like Macklemore, and big visual displays that work.

Why my experience on this project matters to you

Responsive design and interaction design has unique challenges that require an eye for it and an understanding of the technology. Creating websites in Minneapolis for over three years now, with over 25 websites launched, I can provide that perspective.

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