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Construction Company Web Design

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The Challenge

Treasured Spaces was in need of a rebranding, as well as some significant work on their web presence. I not only did Google surveys to make sure the current name was the best for the job. We determined it was because the prime demographic and decision maker for projects they specialize in are older women and older women preferred the name heavily to the alternative (Grand Builders.)

The Solution

We created high-end website experience, and have helped this particular construction company go from 1 keyword to 40 ranked keywords including many that are “high-intent”, meaning that people would be searching for these when making a purchase decision.

Key things I learned in this process

I loved working with Josh, and have solid evidence now to prove I can take a website from very little organic search traffic and one ranking keyword to 4000% ranked keywords in 4 months.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for

  • A no-nonsense approach to web design and development
  • Mobile-centric design and development
  • Construction Company focused marketing services
  • Local search optimization and homegrown WordPress Minnesota web design
  • A partner who will take the initiative, is successful and loves helping others be successful
  • A web design company with a purpose – To help others as much as I can

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