Sean Hickey – Composer Web Design

Sean Hickey – Composer Web Design

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The Challenge

Sean Hickey needed a new website – as it had been a number of years since the site had been updated. We wanted to tackle it with a fresh approach as Sean Hickey is in a league of his own as a composer, and prides himself on an eclectic style that benefits from some compelling visual representation. I walked through the things he felt he did best live and listened to every album he had that I could get my hands on in preparation and during the visual design phase.

The Solution

Because I wasn’t the person developing the site (it is being developed in Drupal), I had a unique opportunity to set my jaw on the design challenge at hand and get into it with an almost artistic fervor. Little abstract touches like a very light background combining both a spiral staircase and a spiral seashell – echoed his previous album covers and added visual interest without overwhelming the content. In the end the time and attention paid to the typographic elements, imagery, and user interface allowed for a strong solution that created a very professional impression to anyone checking Sean out or looking to work with him.

Key things I learned in this process:

Although I love small business and working on contractor, home builder, and realtor websites, this challenge brought to bear some of the depth of feeling I have in regards to nuanced design decisions. I like feeling out the strengths of a business, an organization or individuals – and weighing that in tandem with what’s making them money and what action they want people visiting their site to take, and attempting to get the design to exude that feeling.

Even in these more artistic explorations – my design strategy is always extremely goal focused. What do you want this site to accomplish, and every pixel should be in service to that goal.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for:

  • Goal oriented Twin Cities web design
  • A Minnesota-based freelance web designer passionate about their craft
  • A business-savvy technician
  • Someone who understands abstraction and communication for clarity

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