It’s a Code World – Ep. 7 – How to Use Backlinks to Gain Domain Authority


by on January 7, 2016

How to Use Backlinks to Gain Domain Authority - How to get backlinks

It’s a Code World – Ep. 7 – How to Use Backlinks to Gain Domain Authority


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Clayton Johnson of shares on “How to Use Backlinks to Gain Domain Authority”


Links for Backlink Tools mentioned in the podcast in the first tools section:

1. aHrefs –

2. Upwork –

3. Buzzstream –

4. BuzzSumo –

1. Tools to help you right now to get started with backlinks

2. Why you should listen to Clayton Johson, about Clayton Johnson – SEO Minneapolis | SEO Consultant

3. Why is Backlinking important?

Moz Ranking Factors

4. Why isn’t high-quality content Good Enough

5. Initial Strategies – How to get backlinks for beginners

a. Share amazing content

b. Social Media

c. Write and distribute Press Releases

d. Guest post on websites with high quality backlinks

e. Use a tiered approach for effort expenditure based on domain authority.

f. Spy on your competitor’s profiles – search the keywords on aHrefs, Open Link Profiler or SEMRush

g. Create a scholarship – and implement outreach to schools to get high-powered .edu links

h. Ask for people you know to link to you.

i. Review and give testimonials for people and tell them, ask them to link.

j. Link to other sites on your site, and they see links coming to them and are more likely to link back to you.

6. More Strategies – How to get backlinks – Next Level

a. Skyscraper Method – Find a piece of content that’s ranking extremely well and make something better, reach out to people to let them know

b. Moving Man Method – Find sites or businesses dropping in your industry, create content like they had, and tell people that had linked to them

c. Coin a term – If you’re very creative, come up with an apt phrase to describe something and popularize it – you now OWN that term if you can drive traffic with it.

7. Max out your local listing – Yext or MozLocal

a. Make sure your NAP – Name, Address and Phone number are the same.

8. 3 Things you would right now over the next week if you were just getting into backlinks

a. Max out local listings

b. Do 1 Guest Post

c. Spy on competitors and get links like theirs

7. Anchor Text Distribution

a. Brand Name and naked URL – 50%

b. Exact Keyword – 5% Use for your nicest links/ best sites

c. Phrase Match add more to the keyword like ‘Hook Agency – Web Design Minneapolis‘ (or your brand plus keywords) – 45%

8. What does the future of Backlinks look like?

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2. Beginner’s Moz Guide

3. Moz Ranking Factors

4. Link Building Strategies

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1. How to Write Longform Blog Post

2. Linkody – 41 White Hat Backlink Strategies

Thanks for listening to “How to Use Backlinks to Gain Domain Authority”
– Code World Podcast Ep. 6

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