It’s a Code World – Ep. 5 – How to start Affiliate marketing today in 3 steps


by on September 16, 2015

How To Start Affiliate Marketing Today in 3 Steps

It’s a Code World – Ep. 5 – How to start Affiliate marketing today in 3 steps


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Morgan Molitor of Construction2Style shares on “How to start Affiliate marketing today in 3 steps”

Links for Affiliate Programs / Tools mentioned in the podcast in the first tools section:

1. Target Affiliate Marketing –

2. Amazon Affilate Marketing –

3. BlogHer –

4. Linquia –

How to get more Linquia programs


1. Tools to help you right now to get started with affiliate marketing

2. Why you should listen to Morgan, About Morgan

3. 3 Steps to get started affiliate marketing today

a. Pre-step: Hone in on, Engage & support your tribe

b. Step One: Create, Share and promote valuable content on a regular basis

c. Step Two: Apply for affiliate programs that would be best for your niche

d. Step Three: Once you have been approved for the campaign, you are within a community and continue to support one another within the campaign

4. What are some other ways you’ve monetized your website.

5. What are some more ways to build rapport?

5. How do you keep both the selling service side of your website and the affiliate side profitable?

6. Books and Resources mentioned in the podcast

7. What does the future of Affiliate Marketing look like?

Related Resources and Books mentioned in the Podcast

1. “Epic Content Marketing” – Joe Pulizzi

“No one cares about your product or service, they care about themselves. Create content people care about.” – @joepulizzi

2. “Love is The Killer App” – Tim Sanders

3. Young House Love

4. Minnesota Bloggers Conference

5. MN Search

6. Create and Cultivate

7. The Sits Girls

For Finding Influencers:

8. Pitch Box

9. Find Your Influence

10. Massive Sway

Other Relevant Links: 

1. How To Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing

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