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Podcast – Ep. 25 – How to Win The Contract Without Being The Lowest Bidder

Updated October 26, 2018
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How to win the contract without being the lowest bidder

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Joe Egan, a construction company consultant joins me to talk about his experience as a construction company owner, and now author – how can you win contracts without being the lowest bidder. We talk about the limitations of digital communication, and how to get your buyers trust in person.


Podcast Notes

  • Introduction


  • An interesting story from Motorcycling


  • What are some tools that you use to get the most out of contacts?


  • What are construction Company doing wrong now for writing contracts that lead to failure?


When your talking through a contract – what makes the difference?

What is the tipping point on positive elements that tip people over the edge to work with you?

What are 5 things you say and do to lose the contract?

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How to win the contract without being the lowest bidder


Tim Brown

Tim Brown is the owner of Hook Agency, an SEO and Web Design company focused primarily on driving traffic and leads for small businesses, roofers and construction companies.

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