Podcast Ep. 12 – Having Amazing Customer Service in the Digital Age


by on September 5, 2016

How to have amazing customer service in the digital age

Podcast Ep. 12 – Having Amazing Customer Service in the Digital Age


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Bill Svoboda of Co-ed Monkey, soft Custom Printed T-Shirts talks about the new world of customer care, how he’s knocked it out of the park with his company’s customer service and how you can do it too. 

Tools that can help you right now with Customer Care

Bond.co – Send handwritten notes from your smartphone
Olark, Tawk.to, Intercom.io – Great options for chat on your site or Web App
Freshbooks – Solid flat monthly fee invoicing.

1. Where is Customer Service now?

  • Away from automation, towards high touch
  • Moving people from point and click to call and validate for higher value products and services
  • Get them the information they need in as many ways as possible

2. Is customer care out of fashion?

  • Not if you genuinely care about it and put it at the center of your process.
  • Talking about it to your employees regularly and to the customer in onboarding
  • Emphasizing it in all communications

3. Why pay attention?

  • Every problem is an opportunity to go above and beyond for that client

4. If you have limited time to implement on customer service, how do you work it into your day?

  • Setting the expectation from the top-down, that every e-mail is important.
  • People expect a reply fairly quickly.

6. Companies that exemplify customer focus:

  • Tom Ford stopped making his clothes for photographers and for the end user of the garment.
  • Saint Laurent dropped the hard to spell and pronounce “Yves Saint Laurent” in favor of the simpler version for palatability for the average person.

Stop making your stuff for the critics, make it for the average person will want to buy. What do the customers actually care about?

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