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Paid Social Ad Management

Can be combined with video marketing to supercharge your marketing

Do you want more leads? You need an expert in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn & other social media advertising to help your business grow.

  • Have experts create innovative paid social strategies for you.
  • Targeting the perfect audience for your business with the right message
  • Exclusive: For elite clients, we’re also open to helping you create monthly video content.
Get more leads with paid social

Your website is an asset, now invest in high-quality paid social traffic.

Social media isn’t just for entertainment, channels like Facebook are outgrowing more traditional advertising mediums and Hook can drive profitable campaigns for you.

You have an abundance of options when choosing an advertising partner, but if you need someone who can deliver Truly high-performing campaigns it’s important to choose the right partner.

You want to make good use of that website you’ve spent so much time and money on, and your business needs more traffic and leads to grow. Our work in paid social channels will get the job done for you.

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Paid Ads - Attract money on social media advertising

Facebook Ads can change your trajectory – we build highly-targeted Facebook campaigns.

Do you want to grow your business?

Advertising your business often feels over-whelming. Can you do it yourself? Should you hire a person, or an agency? Although our campaigns and strategies can be complex, multi-channel masterpieces, we keep things simple for you.

Working with Hook on Facebook advertising is the best decision you’ll ever make. We help you identify goals for your advertising, the perfect audience, and even help with creative if needed. You’ll have an almost constant understand of performance and work with a partner who cares about your growth.

Did you know that Facebook helps you conduct a lift-study? Or that video ads in Facebook have lower CPM’s and are favored by the ad-serving algorithm? You don’t have to remember these things, because we will.

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Technical SEO

Grow your business by creating awareness with your target audience.

When you’ve built a great website and created content to educate and engage your audience – what else is there left to do? SEO is still alive and well, but you can kick-start growth before Google starts showcasing you on Page 1 of the organic search results.

If your business is seeing slow gains in search traffic, targeting your audience in Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, and other social media channels will get you in front of the right people – before they even know exactly what they need.

Paid social advertising campaigns create and inform intent – you can drive high-quality traffic now & cause someone to look for you in Google next time they need you.
How does all of this benefit you?

It’s simple – you want to grow your revenue. Every effort we make in creating and optimizing your paid social campaigns is dedicated towards that goal. If you know your audience, the message they need to hear, and invest in driving awareness and traffic you will grow your revenue.

You Can Drive Leads From Social Media

Yes, people on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, & other platforms are actually willing to give you their email address and engage with you. You may feel that people don’t want to be bothered when they’re on social media – and sometimes that’s the case. However, businesses like yours are seeing real results.

Facebook in particular drives low cost, high-quality traffic with realistic CPCs (cost per click) of $.50 – $3, depending on the audience. Channels like Facebook & Twitter are also building out exceptional functionality, like Lead Ads, where users can complete a lead form without ever leaving the platform. Social media is providing a great business advertising experience, you just need the right partner.

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Paid Social Media Marketing Services - Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads etc.

Questions and Answers about Paid Social and Facebook Ad Management

If you struggle with a lack of awareness with your audience, minimal search volume in your category, or highly competitive search marketing your business can benefit greatly from moving into paid social advertising. It’s essential to take your marketing to where your audience is, and right now they’re all looking at their Instagram Feeds.

You can achieve any objective from awareness to leads to sales using channels like Facebook or Instagram to advertise in, and it can be done efficiently.

Although they are managed in the same advertising platform, Facebook Ads Manager, they have pretty unique characteristics.

How about audiences? 

Who Uses Social Media – Pew Research

Facebook is considered to have an older audience, which is true, but this is a little bit deceptive. Most people between 18-29 (88%) use Facebook, they just have a tendency to use it less – and they also use Instagram (59%). Whereas 79% and 61% of 30-49 year olds & 50-54 year olds use Facebook – but only 31% & 13% use Instagram. You’re getting good audience penetration using just Facebook, but if you want to capture and hold the attention of a larger audience under 29 you need to be in both platforms.

How about ad types? 

Facebook allows us to use lead ads and has multiple placements in the news feed and right-column, ads are 1200×628. You can use static or video ads, as well as carousel (series of slides), canvas (expandable mobile experience), or collections (an ad with multiple products showcased below it).

In Instagram we can place ads in feed, static or video, ads are 1080×1080 – and we can use Instagram Stories ads shot 9:16. There are no lead ads, but we can still drive traffic to your site to create leads and sales.

It can be, but it’s often less expensive for driving site visits than AdWords (where competition can drive very high CPC’s); the issue becomes comparing the conversion rate of the lower cost paid social traffic to the higher cost (but more intent driven) search engine advertising. LinkedIn is considered to be the most expensive social media platform, whereas channels like Reddit have a $1 CPM (every one-thousand ad views costs ~$1!)

Twitter advertising basics

You can give it a shot! It can be inexpensive, it offers lead ads and some decent creative options. However, Twitter advertising is less sophisticated in it’s targeting than other platforms and doesn’t have the financial targeting (net worth, income, etc) of a platform like Facebook. Twitter is typically a channel we work in as a test to see if it works for your business. If you want to connect with a more tech-savvy audience, it could be a fit.

Pinterest offers search and video ads, as well as buyable pins for the e-commerce minded. Traffic is considered more high-funnel, but they can often be buyers. If you’re trying to get product sales and have a female-centric audience it’s the perfect channel to advertise in; however, it’s not much of a B2B channel.

The answer is exactly what you would expect, it depends! You should be prepared to spend at least $3,000-$5,000 in advertising minimum to evaluate the long-term potential of a new advertising venture. This can be spread out over anything from a week, to several months, but keep in mind the faster the rate at which you spend, the faster you will collect more data to determine viability and optimize.

Yes. Lots of them. Facebook is an excellent channel for driving both leads and sales, you are able to target your audience in ways that are somewhat startling. Need to advertise only to men over 35 in Minnesota who own homes and make over $100k annually? Done. You’ll have a hard time doing it anyway but IN Facebook.

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