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How Trust Point Skyrocketed Website Traffic + Contact Form Submissions

A compelling, modern + custom website design
18,511 website visitors in a 3 month period (73% up YOY)
20% More Leads Than Last Year

When Hook first started working with Trust Point, their digital presence wasn’t bringing in new leads, so it wasn’t obvious yet why they should invest more in it to some on their leadership team. Cut to 3 years later, and the change is dramatic – leads roll in regularly, their traffic is up year over year by 73%, leads are up, and digital is earning more respect amongst their leadership, with SEO + Paid ad investments paying off.

Trust Point Financial Services Website Design
We knew Trust Point just wanted an up-to-date, modern website + a marketing partner to handle that for them. We made it simple, easy to edit, and responsive for mobile devices.
From there, we helped them drive more traffic to the site. Because if you don't have people on your website, it doesn't matter how pretty it is. We're grateful to be able to work with Trust Point for 3 years now!
“Tim and his team are very responsive. Our website is awesome and they are constantly offering suggestions to improve upon it.”
Angela Strangman
Trust Point
Trust Point Mobile Design

Why’d it Work? Principles to Apply

  • Make it easy to find what they want – We really believe people mainly care about themselves, they don’t care about your fancy website – unless it’s really hard to find something, or it doesn’t do what they want.
  • Monitor your website’s analytics and double down on what’s working – The biggest mistake I see with website’s is people not updating them enough to look fresh and relevant. We monitor what’s working, and make the best pages even better.
  • Utilize insights from organic SEO for Paid ads – Crossover insights are super impactful. If you see conversions happening on the SEO side, applying those to PPC is lucrative, and vice versa. Always share the data between your different marketing strategies – even if something’s working for your sales folks, that should be shared with your marketing team and be included in your website messaging as well!


Increase in Website Visitors YOY


Increase- Contact Submissions YOY


Increase in Keywords Ranking
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