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In Complex Subjects Like Healthcare Data Tech – Clarity is Crucial, Design Can Help

A gorgeous, highly interactive website
Content marketing drives thousands of organic clicks a month
Making the steps to work with SDS simple, reduced friction

When Smart Data Solutions approached Hook, they had a website that was built on a WordPress theme, and that blended in with every vanilla corporate website from 5 years ago. Hook guided SDS, in a Storybrand process, and together we clarified their message and made the process to working with extremely simple.

Smart Data Solutions Mockup
SDS is now extremely proud of their website, according to them it has a "streamlined understanding of our products and services while keeping a more modern look and feel in mind."
More pages per session with a modern user experience – "Consumers can now find the information they are looking for quicker, starting with an all-new navigation bar, and access concise content that will answer their questions."
“With a variety of videos, helpful FAQs, and contact forms on every page, learning about and getting in touch with Smart Data Solutions has never been easier.”
Susan Berndt
Susan Berndt
Smart Data Solutions
Smart Data Mobile Mockup

Why’d it Work? Principles to Apply

  • Is your website about YOU or THEM? – There is no more common mistake on company websites today that being overly US-FOCUSED, and not speaking to our customer’s pain-points and benefit-driven content. “You” should be the most commonly used word on your site, and your niche, who you serve, and how you solve their problems is the only thing that you have to nail, no matter what.
  • Outline the 1-2-3 to steps to working with you – We know your internal processes are often complicated, and your customers are sophisticated. That doesnt’ mean we need to provide every detail on your key selling pages. The design should make it feel dead simple, and not overwhelming.
  • Create useful content on a regular basis + press publish – It’s not always to keep chugging along on content marketing, that’s why it’s great to have a partner like Hook around, but in general – the key is, keep a weekly rhythm or find a regular rhythm that works for you. Make sure you have done your keyword research, and always keep your content focused on your ideal customers.


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