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Significantly more traffic from Organic + Paid
127% More Leads Year over Year
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Scout Software increased its average leads by month up 52% from Google Organic Search . By making key improvements on their website design + and driving a ton more traffic, Eric Luoma from Scout went from initially skeptical to consistently excited to look at his leads, from both SEO and PPC. 

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Cleaning up some key holes in the website design helped make sure qualified traffic wasn't slipping through the cracks.
Industrial-strength SEO + highly curated Google ads drove traffic to the higher converting site, grabbing people's attention right when they were searching.

Why’d it Work? Principles to Apply

  • Better call-to-actions throughout the site – we often get a lot of clients in that JUST want SEO + PPC, but we don’t get to fully redesign their site. For this client we went in and cleaned up some key elements on the site, making sure call-to-actions were compelling and customer focused.
  • Going after top of funnel content we know people are searching – Because Scout wants people running warehouses, and managing fulfillment, top-level content like ‘what makes Amazon Successful’ that a ton of people are searching – associating us with the topic clusters and categories we need to dominate to win.
  • Cutting the the front of the line with super targeted PPC Ads – SEO can be slow – so even though we have 52% more leads from organic search than last year, if we layer 25 leads from paid ads – we start to reach that level of leadflow sales guys need to close the amounts of deals that move the needle.


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