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How Pops took their brand to the next level with a customer focused website

Gorgeous high-end website
Content marketing towards ideal customers
Doubled down on traffic from Paid Ads + Video

Pops team loved working with us to boil down key elements to better tell their story online. There’s nothing better than helping clarify what makes a company special – and to share that in an obvious and fun way with a brand spankin’ new website.

Pops Diabetes Website Design
First and foremost clearly explaining Pops product (an app + a device that can attach to your phone and take your blood sugar with low-hassle) was our first goal. Using animation and gifs, Pops website now does that with absolute clarity.
We drove up Pops content marketing effort, targeting keywords that people are actually searching and thus driving more website traffic than ever before.
“We loved working with Hook to redesign and implement our website. Their team is knowledge and really fun to work with. If we could give more than five stars, we would.”
Tamara Welter, Pops Diabetes Headshot - Medical App web design and SEO
Tamara Welter
Pops Diabetes
Pops Website Design

Why’d it Work? Principles to Apply

  • Optimizing for 3 key audiences – Caregivers, employers, and individuals all needed their own well-crafted messaging, and each of our ‘hub pages’ for each audience help explain the product and opportunity separately while looking as nice as the homepage.
  • The messaging is YOU focused – Talking to your ideal customer, and really clarifying what each audience wants is the first step. Painting the picture of beautiful future, where they experience the product and what that opens up for them if they do – this kind of story helps draw out desire. Our work with Pops accelerated and complemented their internal marketing team, and the branding work they’d done had a persuasive home in the new site.
  • Regular, rhythmic content marketing for search and social – There is such a thing as ‘content exhaustion’ where companies promote the same tired content pieces over and over again. With data and creativity we steadily increase Pop’s content and advise on how they can as well – writing articles that people are already searching for. Fulfilling on the intent of those searches, all while leaving a great brand impression, related to Pops unique value proposition.


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