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How Mackey Creative Invigorated Their Brand with a High-End Website Design & Flexible Case Study Templates

Ultra Premium Website Design
Highly Flexible Case Study Templates
Responsive & Mobile Optimized

Mackey Creative is a retail food packaging creative agency that receives 100% of their business via referral. What was important to them was to a have a website that placed the quality of their work front and center. The website also needed to be mobile optimized with quick load times and smooth user experience.

Having a high-end website is only part of the battle. Your website should reflect the quality of work that you do and it should be built with modern server technologies to deliver that site quickly to users across mobile and desktop.
Even though SEO wasn't the primary focus of Mackey's website, we still built it with SEO principles in mind as well as a focus on secured SSL content. This allowed Mackey's site to show up effectively on basic brand searches.
"We have been very happy with the how the site is playing out and how user-friendly you have developed it."
Eric Eidel
Mackey Creative

Why’d it Work? Principles to Apply

  • Ultra Premium Site Design – Aesthetics matter in Mackey’s industry space so it was important to design a site that matched the quality of their work. With over 20 years of combined web design experience, Hook was able elevate Mackey’s brand aesthetic with full-width, negative space, and clean typography.
  • Flexible Customized Case Study Templates – Showcasing their work was top priority for Mackey. It was equally as important to easily be able to create those case studies as new finalized work became available. Built on a completely customized WordPress theme with custom post types and custom fields, we developed a case study builder completely from the ground up. With over 20,000 lines of code, Mackey can build, rearrange, and customize colors, images, and layouts to their need.
  • Built on Modern Website Technology – Since showcasing their work required a high amount of bandwidth, we set the site live on servers optimized for content delivery. By using advanced caching, image optimization scripts, and CDN deployment technology, the website is optimized for each user based on the device their on. This allows the site to load quickly no matter where they are in the world.


Lines of Code


Ultra Flexible Case Study Templates


Highly Tailored Brand Website
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