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  • A website isn’t just about new customers anymore
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Goodmanson Construction
Goodmanson Construction

First – we’re starting with a fresh new website design for Goodmanson Construction (Concrete Contractors), but it’s not stopping there. Our SEO + Content Marketing process will breathe life into Goodmanson’s Google traffic and drive more traffic + leads this next year. 

Goodmanson Construction

Goodmanson Construction has been around for 50 Years – but the website wasn’t quite living up to level of quality of the services they provide. We’re helping them change that with a fresh new look. 

Keyword Research is where it all starts – if you want to drive serious traffic to your site. What keywords are people searching that would lead them to become a customer. We’re helping Goodmanson do that, and can help you too. 

"The experience has been very refreshing. We've been really happy with their work, and they always meet or beat our agreed-upon deadlines (which doesn't seem to be normal in 2021)."

Rick Goodmanson

Rick Goodmanson
Goodmanson Construction Concrete Contractor Marketing

Why’d it Work? Principles to Apply:

  • A lively discovery process – We know what questions to ask because we’ve been talking to a lot of contractors and can dig a little bit deeper than an average marketing company. 
  • A focus on SEO throughout – We create websites to accomplish a marketing, sales, and recruiting result – not just to make something that looks great (although our sites do both.) We focus on SEO during design – meaning we have sufficient amounts of content on each selling page. 
  • It’s not just about the homepage anymore – Because we know how to drive traffic to your website’s interior pages with SEO, we focus on making those pages ‘conversion friendly’ as well – meaning even if people only saw 1 page (for instance, an individual service), the design would be compelling enough for them to take the next step and contact you. 

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