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High End Website Design Optimized for Lead Gen
Localized SEO Domination with Targeted Landing Pages
Continuous Content Creation w/ Blog Articles & Video

With consistent and relevant content, First American became the premiere roofing choice in their market. By steadily increasing the rank of the pages, they dominated localized search when a major storm hit their area. In two weeks time, they received over 1100 leads. First American’s monthly dashboard shows a consistent climb in traffic and leads.

When you offer top-quality products, you deserve a website to reflects that. With a high-end, professional, and modern website, you will stand out among the competition.
With consistent content and SEO optimization, First American positioned themselves as the go-to roofing & siding company in their area. By dominating localized keywords, they've received more organic leads than they ever have.
"We appreciate Hook Agency’s expertise, flexibility, and how easy they are to work with. I trust that they know what they’re doing – and they’ve proven it."
Dallas Werner
First American Roofing

Why’d it Work? Principles to Apply

  • Trust Factors – Getting users to trust you quickly is crucial to winning more business. We do this by positioning certification badges, testimonials, and 3rd-party platform review in clear sight near the fold.
  • Effective Call-to-Actions & Headlines – Users can easily navigate the site and fill out forms to get a free estimate. By conveniently placing forms above the fold with easy to see headlines, we’re able to attract more leads. Headlines and content have been strategically written to focus on addressing the user’s problems and position First American as the roofer who understand. Creating empathy with the user only enhances the trust we’ve already built with trust factors.
  • Consistent Video & Blog Updates – By consistently putting out relevant content, we’re able to increase a users time-on-site. This positions First American as the absolute expert in their field while boosting SEO rankings for critical location-based landing pages.


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