Driveway + Parking Lot Marketing

Helping Them Retire: The Best Revenue Year Ever

  • One of our 1st contractors pushed us towards home services
  • Leads 2x or 3x in the following year after website launch
  • Dawn Reid – partly credits Hook with the making early retirement possible
Alpine Asphalt Parking Lot + Driveway Contractor

Alpine is part of the reason Hook Agency is niched into construction marketing. Dawn Reid encouraged our founder Tim, appreciated our work – and we were able to help them significantly increase their leads from Google. This site is the oldest one in this portfolio, but it still gets a significant amount of leads. 

Alpine Asphalt

Although an older site in our portfolio – you can see all the tell-tale signs of a Hook Agency website: Trust factors, call-to-actions, and clearly stating why the company is different from competitors.

Dawn Reid – the owner recently sent this to us: “Thank you for playing such an important role in our company’s success through the years and ultimately making our future retirement possible.  Our goal is to make our final year the best ever!”

"Tim designed a new website that captures the spirit of our company AND gets results. His whole process -- from initial meeting to launch -- was seamless."

Why’d it Work? Principles to Apply:

  • Clear value propositions – Sometimes simple is best – Alpine Asphalt helped come up with the copy, and we supported that with the visual elements of the site. 
  • Trust factors that are big and visual – Right when people land on the site, big 5-stars, and A+ badges greet them with logo’s they are familiar with – this allows them to understand Alpine isn’t some fly-by-night company, and makes it easier to take the next step. 
  • 500+ Words of content on each selling page for SEO – No one can become a customer on your website if they don’t arrive there in the first place. Having a sufficient amount of content not only helps humans, but it gives Google context and helps them rank your pages – there’s ways to do this so it’s not overwhelming, breaking up text with images in alternating patterns. 

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