What You’re Missing if Your Website is 3 or More Years Old

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The bad news is your website may be out of date – and that can lose you customers who may perceive the current site as unprofessional. The good news is with an audit of what can be improved and some intentionality; it doesn’t have to be brain surgery to get your site back in tip-top shape.

  • Learn why all websites degrade over time and how to fix it
  • Master shifts in marketing approach for websites that you can utilize now
  • Check out 10 visual conventions currently evolving in state of the art visual design for websites
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When do you know when it’s time to redesign your website?

Well when your business pivots it can sometimes leave your website behind – because it is a big undertaking in certain ways. But the problem with procrastination is that your competitor may then appear more advanced than you!

This guide is intended to give you a framework of how and when to upgrade and to keep you out of changing for the sake of change. Instead, this guide helps you be extremely practical and methodical about what to change and to make sure it’s aligned with your business goals. Along with the current reality of how you’re making money, and to upgrade and improve on what’s already working.

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Questions and Answers about when is time to redesign your website

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