How to Not Over-optimize your Meta-titles & Descriptions


by on December 28, 2016

How to Avoid/ Not over optimize meta titles and descriptions

How to Not Over-optimize your Meta-titles & Descriptions


  1. Repetition can be seen as spammy by Google’s algorithm, avoid it in your meta-titles
  2. When writing meta-descriptions, it’s better to focus on click-through rate than trying to stuff keywords into them.
  3. Ask yourself “Would I click through based on what is written in the meta-title and description?

1. Repetition is Spammy

Treat the searcher as you want to be treated

I’ve fallen into the trap of saying the same thing twice, only to realize I’m shooting myself in the foot – because to a random observer, it looks like my website has turrets. You don’t have to switch up the wording and stuff a bunch of rubbish into your meta’s.

2. Focus on click through rate, rather than SEO

Strangely enough – if you can connect with the audience, you win for SEO too

Do the meta-title half for humans half for SEO – but then just go right into doing the entire meta-description for click through rate – because if you do this in a compelling way, and the website matches expectations, you’ve got SEO magic.

That is – write something that is intended to hook someone’s interest rather than hook Google. If the click through rate is high – you’ll hook Google as a consequence.


 3. Ask yourself if you’d click through based on only what info is present

If the answer is no, go back to step one. 

Perhaps scrap your whole title, description, business idea, and SEO aspirations. No – just kidding, you’ll get better – but in the meantime, do consider that humans might need a little persuasion, not just the facts.

How to Not Over-optimize your Meta-titles & Descriptions

I share with you the three steps as I understand them that it takes to not overoptimize your metas, when doing SEO.

Factual? Yes. Boring as hell? also yes.

Thus I went with this.

 How to Not Over-optimize your Meta-titles & Descriptions

Did you know that you can really mess up your SEO efforts if you over-optimize? Here’s 3 tips to help with your meta description writing mastery. Level up


A couple boring facts about meta titles and descriptions to take us out

  • Page titles should consist of up to 70 characters
  • Meta descriptions can include up to 160 characters
  • Including keywords in a natural way still has a positive effect, but most certainly not if it’s done in a spammy way, or if it negatively affects click through rate. 


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