Naked Emperors – Are UX Designers really any different?


by on April 18, 2014

Naked Emperors – Are UX Designers really any different?


The quick answer is yes. But many designers are reading a few blog articles, slapping UX Designer on their LinkedIn Profile and calling it a day.

So that would mean that for a large number of people the title may not be more than skin-deep. It’s good to remember without some real UX process under one’s belt that it’d be good to hold off on swinging your UX title around, lest you be challenged.

UX Design in Minneapolis and other cities is becoming highly valued

The truth is, more than a bunch of people with the title of “UX Designer” what is needed is broader education about the UX Design and Testing process. More and more people are getting the core ideas of UX and implementing them in their work.

Showing your work is important for UX Designers and UX Design in general. Ux Designers are sometimes called 'Unicorns' because of their rarity.

We need empathy for users!

Take a look at your grandma using your business’ website. Better yet take a look at a customer using your website and observe any difficulties they have using the core functions. Ask them to pretend to purchase an item, ask them to try to contact you, or share your blog post. Was it difficult? When we realize that observing outside people (preferably our core demographic) using our site helps us get down to the main functionality problems and prompts us to fix them, we are being UX Conscious.

We just need UX Consciousness when we are creating websites from the beginning

As for designers it doesn’t take but a couple times testing with real users and some common sense to start laying out websites in very easy to understand and navigate ways. We don’t need to make everything an avant-garde experiment. When we deviate from convention UX Consciousness would suggest that there should a very deliberate reason that plays to a very particular purpose or aim.

The more a website makes a person using it think about the quirky design, the more it distracts them from the purpose they are trying to use the website to accomplish

There is so much creativity that a designer can have within a set of basic conventions. This is the basic challenge of designers have faced for a long time, many coming from artistic backgrounds and looking to be useful and viable in commerce.

Disregard the UX Designer title, but evaluate the work of a designer you’re looking to work with.

UX consciousness would suggest that the person you are looking to work with will show the process not just the deliverable end product. The designer or design team should be able to describe how that beautiful end product was created with the end user in mind. What features were emphasized and what was the person or situation they had in mind when making them that way. The presence of UX consciousness, even if not checked with UX testing suggests from the very start of sketches of how the website would be laid out, to wireframes of the basic blocks of the website would all be built around making those interactions easy for the people that will be using the website. What kinds of situations are they in when they access it, and what constraints might they have on their time or attention?

Ultimately if these are the kinds of concerns that the designer you are working with is constantly thinking about, talking about fluently, and designing for, you have a UX Conscious designer on your hands.

And that in the end is much more important than a title.

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