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My Digital Marketing Routine: 5 Habits for Better Visibility

Updated October 8, 2016
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My Digital Marketing Routine- 5 Habits for better visibility

Tim Brown

Tim Brown is the owner of Hook Agency, an SEO and Web Design company focused primarily on driving traffic and leads for small businesses, roofers and construction companies.

My Digital Marketing Routine- 5 Habits for better visibility


What do you do when you know you want your website to be more visible – or you have some extra time in your day to try to generate leads, but you only have room for a handful of habits to work into your routine? It’s important to prioritize the most high-value tasks, the most impactful strategies at the top of the list.

If I only had room for 5 habits in my digital marketing routine (for myself or for a client) I would use that time for these 5 things: 

1. Guest posting – hands down my number one thing I could do to get more visibility.

2. Writing deep guides, tools or infographics on my website. Anything that will make it more likely for me to have a serious asset long-term that will attract views, eyes, and search engine ‘respect’ for my site.

3. Identifying keywords that are high intent that me or my competitors are doing well for and going after them more aggressively. I do this on Ahrefs – but there are a ton of tools to do this well.

(Secondary – unless your site really needs updating) 4. Making high intent landing pages and trust factors like testimonials, organizations, awards to my website. Anything that spruces up my website and makes it easier for people to find me – the bit of extra sauce that will allow the most people to become a client (in your case, perhaps customer) by helping them trust my website. If your site isn’t really finished, this might take a more front and center position, but if you’ve established a baseline – linking and SEO efforts should take a much greater role than this in my experience.

(Optional) 5. Having meaningful social media conversations and sharing value and promoting my content on social media. This is really a great way to be part of the community, be involved – and to be where customers are (unless your demographic is 70+) but social isn’t that effective for actual sales for so many niches. If it is it’s usually an outlier, that’s why it’s there but last on my list.

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Where’s e-mail marketing Tim? I’ve found this to a little less than perfect for services industry – but definitely experiment with it and if it shows return, by all means – go hard on it.

Notice I didn’t mention PPC advertising – besides this not being a super viable option for smaller businesses much of the time, to me it’s not really building an asset, it’s buying into a short term fix. I didn’t mention writing commodity blog posts, and I’m starting to wean myself off of writing blog posts on my site just for the sake of keeping up with my aggressive writing goals. I’m trying to only write posts that serve as a resource for people who might be clients, or posts that establish me as an authority in my tribe and are a ‘linkable’ asset. Something that will earn links from other websites.

Most of the list about falls into the category of ‘Search Engine Optimization’ or ‘Conversion Rate Optimization.’ Indeed, I think those two services are the keys to making your time spent on digital marketing habits super useful and the most likely to add to your revenue.

Social media is about being part of a community for me, and for promoting content. In social media marketing it is very hard to calculate any kind of return on investment, but instead should generally be looked at as ‘brand awareness,’ like a billboard or a trust factor on your website. It should be there, it should be good – but don’t expect it by itself to build your business, unless you are spending a very pretty penny on social ads.

Thanks for checking out my digital marketing routine!



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Tim Brown

Tim Brown is the owner of Hook Agency, an SEO and Web Design company focused primarily on driving traffic and leads for small businesses, roofers and construction companies.

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