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Minneapolis WordPress Web Development

We handle the technical, and make it easy to use.

A good experience on your website, shouldn’t just be for your customers. We build WordPress sites in a way that anyone can use the back-end in your organization, so they can be used as the nimble marketing tool you always knew your website could be!

  • High quality WordPress development
  • Easy-to-edit your content and images
  • SEO-friendly web development
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Want a partner that knows how to make clean, well-coded WordPress websites?

We’ve been creating powerful and effective WordPress websites for over 6 years.

We’ve created systems to make sure that web development quality standards are met – and that the websites Hook Agency makes are effective and useful for the organizations they represent for the foreseeable future!

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Here’s what to look for in a Minneapolis WordPress Developer:

You want to make sure that you can communicate easily with your web developer, or Minneapolis web development team – and that they specialize in WordPress if that’s what you want your website in.

We love WordPress and have made a decision to focus and niche entirely into WordPress, as when I started out I saw a lot of companies trying to do it all and doing it poorly.

Find a company that cares – and that specializes in what you’re looking for.

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Questions and Answers about Minneapolis WordPress Web Development

This is a loaded question because of all of the complexity to the different types of functionality that may be involved for your business.

A simple website could take anywhere from 1 month in development – to 2-3 months for a more in-depth website development project.

First, we work with your company to define the scope of the project, what the site will include and any key pieces of functionality that will require significant time.

Then we get to work developing your website – and then there is a period of time at the end of the project for our own internal QA, a time for content entry + feedback from key stakeholders in your organization to make sure that the content and development site are working in concert before we launch.

Web development is a lot better when you have someone who speaks your language. I’ve worked with 50+ different businesses on their websites and understand the different dilemmas that come up, and I get how to provide good customer service despite the situation. Working on web development for Minnesota organizations from Mall of America to Maurice’s has allowed me to work within the confines of a much larger organization’s needs and requests and make sure I communicated the key things in a way that everyone would be on the same page.

A website is no longer a one-and-done tool – it’s now something you want to be able to build on, customize, and be able to get in and make changes easily – that’s why the development of the site is so crucial. Using the latest and greatest in WordPress development techniques, we’ll create a site that makes sure the details are right.

We’ve worked to make sure things like featured images getting cropped happened automatically, and the right layouts for the site were available in easy to use templates. By creating a site that has the right things set in stone, but had ongoing content templates available for use, and completely customizable, enabled companies to feel they have a powerful website that can be truly used as a marketing tool.

I love mobile-friendly development and got my start right as responsive web development was becoming important.

This means – I never had to break old habits, and my first websites had mobile media queries so that they all looked good on mobile phones and tablets.

Mobile web development is incredibly important, and we make it central to every website we design and develop.

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