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21 Minneapolis Design Agencies from Logos + Print to Web Design

By Alex Kleve
Updated November 11, 2020
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Minneapolis design agency
Alex Kleve
Alex Kleve

I help projects and content-entry go smoothly at Hook Agency as a Project Manager. Hook Agency's specialty is where visual design and SEO combine to help get you better leads.

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Design is one of the most important things you can do for your marketing.

It’s not just something that captures the potential customer’s attention but is something that represents your company and what you stand for.

There are also many different types of design as well as agencies that specialize in specific types such as packaging, website, graphic, logo, and more.

We compiled a list of different Minneapolis design agencies and listed what they do, and a little about them.

Minneapolis design agency

Hook Agency

Type of design work: Website Design

About: Whether you want to get better leads, support your sales team, or attract the best employees in town, Hook Agency helps you stand above the crowd with a top-notch design made just for you!

Get a partner that cares focused on Web design and SEO to Hook better leads: Start the conversation


Type of design work: Website Design. Graphic Design

About: Vyway Market & Brand Strategy works with both new and emerging strategies to bring you faster and better performing results. This can be through things such as introducing a new brand for your business, or when you seek to reposition yourself in the marketplace with your existing brand.

Franke + Fiorella

Type of design work: Logo Design, Packaging Design, Website Design

About: Franke and Fiorella help their clients create, reposition, and strengthen their brands. They help to create more growth through the rebranding of your company, help companies define their craft, and help their clients brands to shine brighter.


Type of design work: Graphic Design, Packing Design

About: Imagehouse is a strategic design agency that works with organizations who seek to launch, grow, or reinvent themselves with a brand-first approach and transform them into memorable experiences and emotional connections.


Type of design work: Website Design, Packaging Design, Display/Shelf Design

About: Little Co is a company that does design in several areas and believes that in order to produce a good design, it is a group effort and takes both sides to get it right. Having a steady balance of push and pull and questions and answers is the way they found for getting to the end goal.


Type of design work: Website Design, Print Design, Packaging Design, Environmental Design

About: Cue see’s design as a way of solving problems while answering the right questions and informing viewers about information they are looking for. They combine creative expression with real answers that communicate effectively to the audience.


Type of design work: Packaging Design, Digital Design

About: UNO leads with design because they believe branding isn’t only a look, but an experience. They work with brands that have established themselves, as well as brands just looking to get out the starting gate. But no matter who you are, they roll up their sleeves and bring you the best solutions possible.

Kazoo Branding

Type of design work: Logo Design, Packaging Design, Website Design

About: Kazoo helps you to define your unique brand essence and connect it to your customers and capture their attention. They take the time to learn what your brand is all about and understand what your brand is all about so that when it’s time to create new marketing pieces, they can ensure what is produced will work.


Type of design work: Logo Design, Website Design, Trade Show Booth Design

About: The goal at Sussner Design is to create brand identities that stand out from the crowd and re-energize their brands and gain a competitive edge, and get a competitive edge.

10 Thousand Design

Type of design work: Retail Design, Experiential Design, 3D and Digital Design, Environmental Design, Packaging Design, Product Design

About: 10 Thousand Design uses the process of design to uncover meaningful ways for brands to interact with people, communities and the world. They blend strategy, design, technology and culture to grow brands.

Halftone Digital

Type of design work: Interface Design

About: Halftone believes aesthetics and interactions back up the user experience and the brand personality by creating consistency. They explore ways to drive user action and make digital experiences better.

Red Leaf

Type of design work: Website Design, Graphic Design for Print and Web

About: Whether you’re looking to launch your next direct mail campaign, make a splash at an upcoming tradeshow with a new brochure or booth, develop packaging for a new product, or place an ad in a newspaper or national trade publication, Red Leaf can meet your needs.

Lecy Design

Type of design work: Website Design, Graphic Design, Print Design

About: From brand identity design and print communications to rich interactive user experiences and national corporate campaigns, Lecy Design creates visual assets with impact.

Dream Big Creative

Type of design work: Website Design, Print Design

About: DreamBig is an award winning full service creative agency based in Minneapolis, offering branding, web design, infographics and print design services.  We use beautiful design, backed by solid strategy, to help grow your business.

ProWeb 365

Type of design work: Logo Design, Website Design

About: ProWeb365 specializes in custom Web design and Logo design for their design services. They take the time to learn more about your business and goals and tailor a strategy towards those needs.

Himmelberger Design

Type of design work: Website Design, Print Design

About: Himmelberger Design does custom website design as well as print design for business cards and brochures and flyers.

Nighthawk Marketing

Type of design work: Website Design, Branding and Design

About: Nighthawk marketing is a website design and digital strategy agency that develops user-focused experiences to deliver results.Through perform their work of design, content, and technology by understanding the needs of their clients so they can make them look good.


Type of design work: Website Design

About: ThermoDynamo is a Minneapolis St. Paul Minnesota based website design, development and online marketing company. They work to understand your business’ needs and enhance your presence in the digital space.

Blue Link Design

Type of design work: Print Design, Website Design

About: While Blue Link Design can design and develop for any type of business, our focus has been with the following industries: Real Estate, Construction, Property Management, Senior Housing, Corporations, Manufacturers, Building and Hardware, Ministries, Military, Government, Industrial, Healthcare, Automotive, Powersports, and Marine.

Multimedia Graphics

Type of design work: Poster Design, Flyer Design, Business Card Design, Poster Design, Brochure Design, Logo Design

About: MultiMedia Graphics is instrumental in creating professional online and traditional marketing and print material for businesses throughout Minneapolis, St Paul, twin cities area.

This is Folly

Type of design work: Graphic Design, Logo Design, Environments and Signage Design, Packaging Design, Publication Design, Website Design.

About: This Is Folly is a Minneapolis-based boutique branding and graphic design partnership that offers a wide variety of design work for your company’s needs.


Hopefully, this list of Minneapolis design agencies helps you to find what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a website design agency, check us out at Hook Agency.

We help our clients to get more of their ideal leads through our persuasive website design.  We have a simple process that gives you the website you’re looking for, helps to build your brand, and will help your ideal customers trust you.


Watch this quick video to see how savvy businesses save time and hook better leads:


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Alex Kleve
Alex Kleve

I help projects and content-entry go smoothly at Hook Agency as a Project Manager. Hook Agency's specialty is where visual design and SEO combine to help get you better leads.

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