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Medical Website Design Inspiration

Updated October 18, 2017
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Medical Web Design Inspiration
Bea Bonte
Bea Bonte

Bea is a brand and digital presence advocate. Working to grow visibility and loyalty through social media as well as assisting in the production of persuasive and functional websites. Lover of all things Real Housewives and Rosé.

Don’t let your medical website design be dry and un-inspiring! There are tons of things that you can do to both give off a professional feel and showcase the individuality of your organization and attract the kinds of clients that make your practice so special. You want to help more people don’t you? Get jazzed up – about these excellent websites, and enjoy medical web design inspiration!

Massih Orthodontics – Orthodontics Website Design Inspiration

Bright and beautiful Massih pulls no punches, by putting a bright and shiny orthodontist upfront and using a diagonal pattern to break through what you’d normal expect to see on a medical website. They make it social right away with social media icons, and then break into a free introductory session.

I call this a ‘tripwire’ – give something away for free and then sell them on your regular services, or to have the work done. This may not always be appropriate for every medical website, but it’s something to consider.

Medical Web Design Inspiration- Dental

Southern Ohio Medical Center – Plastic Surgery Website Design Inspiration

I would say this isn’t the strongest example of really original medical web design, but it does demonstrate some very important points that every medical website should have and that is – an easy way to find different providers if there are many, some type of news and events to showcase fresh content regularly (important in medical company SEO), and a very clean and intuitive menu bar that outlines things in a simple way for people to get where they want to go with no hassle.

Medical Web Design Layout Souther Ohio Medical Center

Viverant – Physical Therapy Website Design Inspiration

Viverant has such an amazing brand, and their website design and marketing really attest to the power of a good brand and color palette. They display a lead generation tactic with a guide as a giveaway, current news, and big fresh and vibrant photography that grabs your attention and doesn’t let go. Great example of health company web design done right.

Medical Web Design Physical Therapy Layout

Ameripharma – Medical, Medicine Website Design Inspiration

I don’t know if I love the ‘self-focused’ photography of Ameripharma’s header image – I’d prefer that the site focused on the solutions it helped it’s customers with – and the benefit that those solutions brought. Medical websites need to focus on photos of real people enjoying the health and care that the company has helped bring them, from my perspective. All the better, if it showcases human emotion, the caring depth of passion providers feel for patients.

Nonetheless, as you scroll the icons with benefits, photos further down, and the icons with the process section are clean and showcase a solid understanding of design – giving white space and only a small amount of text in key places so the website visitor is more likely to read it.

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Medical Web Design AmeriPharma Pharmaceutical Layout

Edina Plastic Surgery – Medical Web Design Inspiration

Maybe not the most cutting website design of all time, but what does Edina Plastic Surgery’s website do well? It keys in on their most important differentiating feature – helping people ‘feel well cared for’, and immediately follows that claim from a real patient testimonial showcasing the truth of the claim. Beyond that the free consultation call to action is emphasized, which is effective in helping nudge prospects to the next step, and ‘Meet the Surgeons’ is emphasized, which is important because no matter what medical profession you’re in – most patients care very much about knowing the medical providers who will be assisting in their work, and would prefer to learn about them before going in to meet them – why not on your site where you have control of the introduction?

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Bea Bonte
Bea Bonte

Bea is a brand and digital presence advocate. Working to grow visibility and loyalty through social media as well as assisting in the production of persuasive and functional websites. Lover of all things Real Housewives and Rosé.

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