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Health and Medical Web Design

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Your medical practice or health and medical industry website can be warm when other websites in the industry are dry and clinical. We help companies that want to set themselves apart, by giving their website a focus on story and human compassion.

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We like helping companies dive deep into what makes them special and designing a website around the concept of making that story visual. It’s easy to get bogged down in the inner dynamics of a company when you are dealing with the organizational structure.

We break the mold by working as an outside consultant, and digging up the points that will really be persuasive to outside website visitors.

If you need medical and health company website design – we’d love to offer a free consultation and walk through how we might be able to better represent your organization professionally online, and get more people to take action on your website.

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We help medical and health industry clinics and companies build rapport and get more patients and customers

The process of building a website requires some high level thinking that hones in on the thing your customers really care about.

Get bogged down in the weeds of technical language, and self-focused facts and you’ve lost their attention.

How do you keep their attention?

Talking about them – their problems – and the how what you offer solves their problem.

Do you need deep amounts of information?

Not necessarily right away, but as they dig deeper into your specialty they should be able to find the info on your site instead of going to competing websites.

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Questions and Answers about Medical Web Design

So many medical and health industry sites are bland with a capital B.

To stand out – use vivid images, create a clear story that demonstrates the benefit of your product or services, and make it dead simple to use.

The things that create a professional impression are clean design, and strong call to actions to help people take the next step with you.

Pair these two key elements with easy to use navigational structure and you have a stand out medical website.

So much of SEO is just building the website right the first time. So it’s about organizing the information in an intuitive way, and then making that information easy to get to and with a clear and obvious hierarchy, as well as using the terms most people use.

From there it’s about being the most information rich website in your niche, flush with answers to common questions and guides around the problems you solve.

This an building backlinks from credible, high authority websites back to your site is something that takes ongoing effort but is seriously worth it because of the potential upside for your company.

1. Make sure there is a clear call to action everywhere you go on the site. Whether it be on the header that sticks to the top of the browser as people scroll, or in some kind of floating widget that follows people down the site as they read.

2. Surrounding call to actions throughout the site with trust factors like organizations you’re apart of, testimonials, and easy to find contact and social media connections.

3. Make your lead forms as easy as possible to fill out – ideally with 3 or 4 fields at most. If you absolutely need to have more fields, make sure you indicate which fields are required and which are not.

4. Make sure your main services, and sub-services each have at least 700 words and a page dedicated solely to them. This will help drive the amount of people getting to your site (because of targeted search traffic) and get more of the types of customers or patients you want.

5. Always use real images of your doctors, the product, and invest in imagery that really tells the story – and showcases the benefit to the customer.

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