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18 Astounding Medical Industry Stats

By Bryce Boyle Hoban
Updated June 18, 2020
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medical industry stats
Bryce Boyle Hoban
Bryce Boyle Hoban

Bryce is a Copywriter and Content Strategist with Hook Agency – focused on creating content that attracts ideal customers for our clients' websites.

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The landscape of the medical industry is always shifting. With new technologies and legislation being introduced often, what is common knowledge within the sector yesterday can totally change the next day.

That being said, there are many overarching medical industry stats today that can help you gain a good understanding of where the industry is currently.

With that, here are 18 fantastic medical industry stats to help you gain a better understanding of the medical industry as a whole.

medical industry stats

# Medical Industry Stats

  • The U.S. healthcare industry consists of 784,626 companies
  • 1 in 8 citizens is employed in the healthcare industry
  • The average healthcare employee salary in the U.S. is just north of $60,000
  • States with the best healthcare:
    • Hawaii
    • Iowa
    • Minnesota
    • New Hampshire
    • District of Columbia
  • States with the worst healthcare:
    • Louisiana
    • Mississippi
    • Alaska
    • Arkansas
    • North Carolina
  • By 2023, the U.S. health expenditures are expected to reach $4.3
  • The national health expenditures in 2019 were $3.6 trillion
  • Currently, roughly 65% of healthcare costs are paid by tax dollars ($1.9 trillion)
  • The 10 Biggest Healthcare Companies are as follow:
    • 1. McKesson (California – $208.3 billion in revenue)
    • 2. United Health Group (Minnesota – $201 billion)
    • 3. CVS Health (Rhode Island – $184.7 billion)
    • 4. Amerisource Bergen (Pennsylvania – $153.1 billion)
    • 5. Cardinal Health (Ohio – $129.9 billion)
    • 6. Express Scripts (Missouri – $100.06 billion)
    • 7. Anthem (Indiana – $89.09 billion)
    • 8. Kaiser Permanente (California – $72.7 billion)
    • 9. Aetna (Connecticut – $60.5 billion)
    • 10. Humana (Egypt – $53.7 billion)
  • U.S. healthcare service revenue distribution:
    • 64% patient care
    • 4.5% inpatient skilled nursing rehabilitation and services
    • 3% non-surgical dental intervention
    • 2.7% grants and contributions by the government
    • 2.4% general government appropriations
    • 23.2% other
  • 74% of patients think sharing information about lifestyle could help doctors treat them more effectively
  • 55% of patients would share their information digitally if this reduced costs
  • 505% of patients would be comfortable with contacting their doctors digitally


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Bryce Boyle Hoban
Bryce Boyle Hoban

Bryce is a Copywriter and Content Strategist with Hook Agency – focused on creating content that attracts ideal customers for our clients' websites.

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