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Best Keywords for Manufacturing SEO | SEO for Manufacturing Companies

By Bryce Boyle Hoban
Updated August 24, 2019
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Manufacturing SEO keywords
Bryce Boyle Hoban
Bryce Boyle Hoban

Bryce is a Copywriter and Content Strategist with Hook Agency – focused on creating content that attracts ideal customers for our clients' websites.

Getting into keywords for Manufacturing – it really depends on your particular niche for sure. We know that certain parts manufacturers are going to use SEMrush, or Ahrefs to dive into the niches. In the meantime though, we’re going to share some general concepts on finding keywords – and giving the volume of a sampling of keywords that will start to give you some perspective about manufacturing SEO, and hopefully, provide some value to kick this noble quest off.

Manufacturing SEO keywords

  • Keyword Phrase Estimated Monthly U.S. Search Volume
  • Industrial Manufacturing  1,200
  • Manufacturers   1,300
  • Manufacturing 55K
  • Manufacturer 51K
  • Manufacture 22k 
  • OEM 142k
  • What does OEM Mean? 13k
  • OEM Meaning 29k
  • Ford OEM Parts 18k
  • OEM Parts 17k
  • What Motherboard do I have? 16k
  • Toyota OEM Parts 16k
  • Honda OEM Parts 14k
  • Additive Manufacturing 23k
  • Wheels manufacturing 8.1k
  • Goodman manufacturing 9.1k
  • Kurt Manufacturing 8.9k
  • True manufacturing 7k
  • Good manufacturing practices 4.6k
  • Manufacturing process 3.1k
  • What is lean manufacturing? 3.1k
  • Advanced manufacturing 3k
  • Just in time manufacturing 2.8k
  • Manufacturing overhead formula 2.7k
  • Total manufacturing cost 2.6k
  • Design for manufacturing 2.4k
  • Food manufacturing 1.9k
  • China manufacturing 1.4k
  • Computer integrated manufacturing 1.4k
  • Manufacturing technology 1.4k
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing 1.4k
  • Aerospace manufacturing 1.3k
  • Manufacturing software 1.2k
  • Precision manufacturing 1.1k
  • Manufacturing equipment 600k

One of the key pieces with doing keyword research for manufacturing (and any niche really) is that if you can rank for one of these terms, there are likely many variations for that term or phrase. So it isn’t just about a specific keyword but about an INTENT.

What is the person intending when they search – how can you fulfill that INTENT and then possible have your brand be seen, but also how could you get them aware of what you do and pivot, or at least do a soft pitch at the end of the article if you’re not trying to rank a services landing page.

The riches are in the niches – here are 4 interesting niches within Manufacturing and their top synonyms + SEO keywords


Auto Parts Manufacturing + sub-niches keywords for SEO

Auto Parts Manufacturing Keywords for SEO


OEM + sub-niches keywords for SEO

OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer - Definition and Keywords for SEO


Industrial Manufacturing + sub-niches keywords for SEO

Industrial Manufacturing Keywords for SEO


Medical Equipment Manufacturing + subniches keywords for SEO

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Medical Device Manufacturing SEO Keywords



Of course, the real work is getting into understanding your business, and considering what you’re ideal customers are actually searching for.

Whether you’re an OEM or any other kind of manufacturer – we got your back. Send us a message if you’d like us to get to work figuring out what keywords your competitors rank for, or what terms in your niche have the most keyword volume as well as strategizing on how best to go after those terms.


Watch this quick video to see how savvy businesses save time and hook better leads:


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Bryce Boyle Hoban
Bryce Boyle Hoban

Bryce is a Copywriter and Content Strategist with Hook Agency – focused on creating content that attracts ideal customers for our clients' websites.

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