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Deneen Pottery Case Study

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Key Numbers:

24.31% Increase in Pageviews from Organic Search | 3.5 Months over 3.5 Months

By helping Deneen Pottery identify opportunities – based on what competitors were doing – we built out content based on industry-specific opportunities for this B2B handmade mug company.

31.32% Increase in Conversions from Organic Search | 3.5 Months over 3.5 Months

Helped by partnering with influencer artists Deneen created custom artist edition Deneen Pottery mugs, and this helped along with our increase in search traffic to lead to a solid 31.32% gain in conversions. We love partnering with companies who are always looking for new ways to give themselves an advantage, and we believe being higher on Google can be a central piece of that, amongst other initiatives.

Conversions in SEO Case Study

Key Challenges and Successes of Doing SEO for DeneenPottery.com
Trying to target search terms that will actually help this Manufacturer connect with more serious buyers – means we continually need to dig in and look for what those people are searching, any mug or company swag related posts won’t do. When we do land on terms, landing pages, and articles that attract the right kind of business – the increases can be exponential. We’re constantly experimenting with new ways to give Deneen an edge and drive more traffic for their top terms.

In the client’s own words:

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